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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Have a great holiday weekend

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You can really hear how the Beatles influenced their sound.

Only kidding. But it struck me watching, and listening to, this video how primed the Everly Brothers had our generation for the Beatles. Not so much the English invasion, per se, but specifically the Beatles. I never bothered to consciously make the connection before today, but there seems to be a very direct progression from the Everly Brothers to the Beatles in the cultural cartography. And I'm not only talking about the music here. Of course, it's the music, but there's also a sense that the Everly Brothers, before exiting the stage, had carved out a particular space in our souls, which the Beatles were able to perfectly fill.

And a Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Here's something off the Internet that backs up your direct progression idea. Incidentally, one of the great bonus concert experiences ever for me was going to see Simon and Garfunkel here in Portland and having the Everly Brothers perform their landmark hits as well as sing a little later with S and G. (They also do the backing vocals on Paul Simon's "Graceland" song):

Rock legend SIR PAUL McCARTNEY may be one of the most famous men in the world, but he was painfully starstruck when he met childhood musical idol PHIL EVERLY.
Both McCartney and late BEATLES bandmate JOHN LENNON grew up listening to the EVERLY BROTHERS and together impersonated brothers Phil and Don.
McCartney says, "He was such a figure from my youth that I went all daft and said, 'Er, I used to be you... John was Don'... and all the most stupid things. He got very embarrassed."

Phil and Don get a mention in one of McCartney's saccharine solo numbers, "Let 'Em In".

Thanksgiving update: I have eaten so much I can no longer move. "Mission accomplished" indeed.


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