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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Flush draw

Portland's making a big deal about the upcoming opening of its new public toilets -- designed by Fireman Randy himself! I believe they're calling them the Portland Poo's.

You wonder why, for a city that's obsessed with creating Fake New York, we can't get one of these.

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Commissar Leonard needs something to do with his crayons. Portland will be lucky if someone doesn't get injured in Commissar Leonard's toilet and end up suing the city for millions. Cityhall has a penchant for rolling over when faced with any lawsuit no matter the veracity.

They should of learned from Seattle who took the big FLUSH on that deal. What is wrong with this City Council. NO common sense.

Wow: nice job, Charmin.

Looks like a proletariat version of the "public" restrooms at the Grand Wailea on Maui: celebrate the place to pee.

Individual toilet rooms (inside the larger lounge) with subdued wall sconce lighting, natural stone surfaces everywhere, super-luxe turkish hand towels and an assortment of personal hygiene products. All included with the $800/night rooms or banquet service.

Just wait. After ten more years of Metro holding the line on the UGB while the population continues to grow, we'll have one of those Charmin toilet outlets too, because our population density will be higher than New York City's. Randy's special loo will be long gone by then.

Randy is really the Renaissance man - Toilets, gaming PFDR to cover his retirement and baseball parks in the midlle of Lents.

I guess this is what Portland wants, the entire mob is supporting $40M to Pualsen Jr and $40M for a baseball park on Sam's WEBsite. Meanwhile potholes deepen and infrastructure collapses.

I give - I really think we have to hit bottom to see real change instead of Vera-lite (heavy, actually.)

I actually visited the Charmin Holiday restrooms with my family in December 2007. Definitely the cleanest restrooms I saw on the trip!

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