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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Community service

Here's a law prof whose blog made a real difference on Tuesday.

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I saw "no good deed goes unpunished" several times reading about this 'scandal.'

First, this law is not enforced. Many employers allow their employees to take extended lunch breaks for the purpose of voting; for salaried personnel, this amounts to payment for voting. Haven't seen anyone prosecuted though; if B&J is violating the law, so are these employers.

Second, none of the offers were contingent on ACTUALLY voting. Rather, the offers were contingent on passing through a polling location and obtaining an "I voted" sticker (never did figure how to get a sticker here). You did not actually have to "vote," rather you merely had to attend a polling location and go through the motions.

Third, it discriminates against non-polling location providers. Numerous polling stations nationwide had coffee, donuts, et al., at the location for people waiting to cast ballots. I find it hard to distinguish between (a) poll worker providing coffee to people after voting and (b) starbucks employee providing coffee to people after voting. In fact, this 'violation' is probably WORSE because poll workers also provided these items prior to individuals casting ballots.

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