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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Change you can get wet in

Fall is falling, all right. Last night the jack-o'-lanterns that were turning into moldy mush on the front porch got tossed. One went into the worm compost bin and the other into the yard debris cart, for the city to take in the morning. Meanwhile, the Mrs. toasted up a bunch of the seeds that had come out of said pumpkins, with some fine seasonings on them. Great snacking material.

We'll need all the treats we can get now. Darkness is falling mighty early each day, and will do so for the next three or four months. And we just pulled out a winter jacket -- it's not supposed to break 50 tomorrow.

Our littler one told us today that she wants some ski poles.

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I always focus on making it to Dec. 21, when the days start to get longer again. With this year's phenomenal stretch of pleasant fall weather providing a running start, it should be easier to endure the next couple of months.

PS: Count your blessings. Poles are cheaper than skis.

She already has skis, but may need bigger ones.

That is what was missing this year, pumpkin seeds. My grandmother used to make a ton of them every fall, but sadly, she passed away this past July.

Jack, since I have no idea how to make them, I don't suppose your missus would mind sharing her recipe so I have some idea where to start? I would be grateful.

you can spread the pumpkin seeds on a cookie sheet, sprinkle tamari or soysauce on them, and roast them in a hot oven for a few minutes; they're great with a tall frosty beverage.

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