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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Change they can't believe in

The Green Dragon Pub in inner Southeast Portland is reportedly about to be bought out by Rogue Brewing, and among the city's beer cognoscenti, worry about this development seems to be the order of the day.

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The Green Dragon has a nice selection of beer but that is about it. Everything else about the place is very so-so. The writers of these articles obviously have something against Rogue. Sure, Rogue is a big brewer and distributor now but they started out in one location brewing small batches and grew by popular demand. It is strange how folks support the small business until they make it big.

"The writers of these articles obviously have something against Rogue."

You mean, like maybe they think their beer sucks? Rogue's beer is "very so-so"....Green Dragon is (was?) very cool, especially since they added one of the best patios in town and equipped it with a Traeger Grill. Hopefully all that will remain. If they maintain the eclectic tap selection, I have no complaints. But if it becomes an exclusive Rogue pub, forget it. I'll stick to Hopworks when I'm in that part of town.

As one of the cognoscenti mentioned above, I must say that I'm a bit taken aback by some of the ant-Rogue sentiment going about. I personally have nothing against Rogue's products, some of which are my favorite offerings for their style category. The company is well-managed, has a great sense of humor, and has done wonders for the craft beer community and the communities in which it operates.

That being said, I lament the potential loss of the Green Dragon in its current form. It has become a special place during its brief run in SE Portland, and really filled a niche that wasn't there before. Rogue's pubs tend to be places that offer overly-expensive food and stick to the company's beers, for which they charge a pretty penny (name one other brewpub that charges over $5/pint for its own beer). It's just a shame that the Green Dragon couldn't make it as is, and that the new owners may, over time, allow the establishment to deteriorate.

The more variety the better. The loss of any independent place dedicated to the love of great beer is a loss.

That said, I do find it funny that we've reached a point that companies like Rogue are seen as corporate interlopers. Rogue is one of our home state micro-brewers who played a part in pioneering our great beer culture back in the '80's. They make some good beers, and love variety and experimentation.

I also hear McMennamins get a lot of flack lately. The McMennamins brothers were on the team that personally knocked on a lot of doors down in Salem to make brewpubs legal in the first place.

Still it would be best if we could have both Rogue and the Green Dragon. The more the merrier.

Bottoms up!

"name one other brewpub that charges over $5/pint for its own beer"

Those bastards at Pelican in Pacific City. Couldn't sell their beach-front condos for $80K per 1/18 time share, so jack the price of the beer. Golly....a bargain at nearly $7 per 22 oz bottle....

Any more, we tend to stay out of the Pelican when we're down there. Maybe one beer out on the patio if the weather's good, but skip the rest.

ElGordo, consider the source of the anti-Rogue sentiment: Butch, the resident ****** of this blog's comments section.

And I second your comments on Rogue: great beers that I rarely drink because of the outrageous sums they charge for them.

My current pick: Widmer's Brr seasonal. Truly the best thing Widmer has done in years.

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