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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bad moon rising

Just seen on television: a Christmas commercial for Lowe's.

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Too early, but they want your attention right now. I keep hearing what a terrible thing it is for the economy that spending will be way off this holiday season. I understand that the economy needs to keep moving forward, but it seems contradictory to me when I keep hearing how credit over-spending got us here in the first place.

The excess of purchases beyond our means seemed to be way out of control. Overpriced homes, expensive SUVs, and other extravagant purchases were over the top these past few years. I think I am OK with purchases on the decline this year. Looking forward to a thrifty Christmas with friends and family. A big slowdown could be a good thing. Let them advertise, but I'm not buying.

I saw that ad too -- man, I was pissed. I have dropped a serious bundle at Lowes lately (custom millwork, installation, a metric buttload of trim and molding, sinktops, vanities, lights, fans, etc.etc.), but I am thinking about sending them an e-mail and saying that I won't be back if they don't hold off on Christmas until at least Thanksgiving at the earliest.

Freddie's had a whole section of Christmas swag on display around the first week of October. Sad.

At least its after Halloween.

Well, I used to think that way also. However, my son with 2 sprouts and another on the way now works at our local Lowes Distribution Center. And they are looking for excuses to fire people.

I guess it all depends upon which side one's bread is buttered.

Funny, I heard there would be no Christmas this year.

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