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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Avast, ye swabs!

Pirates have generally been a good source of comedy. But maybe not so much any more.

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Can't wait to see the new Pirates of Somali ride at Disneyland.

The countries need to get together and form a task force to clean out that nest of vipers. Good news is a pirate ship was just sunk, now to get the rest of them.

It's time for ninjas to take their rightful place as popular icons!

So now I have to learn to speak Somali(?) for national talk like a pirate day?

In spite of Disney, pirates were never ever good guys. They all functioned on the margins of society.
The Somalis are no different. There has been no government at all in Somalia since 1991. The people are all suffering on every level imaginable and some we cannot imagine.
The current piracy is not acceptable and should be stopped, but the country must also be assisted with food, protection for the citizens and some possibility of re-instituting governmental control.This might assure that the piracy and desperation that caused it would have some hope of ceasing.
I only wish that the United Nations was a strong enough body to take on this task.

Nothing that some napalm wouldn't clear up in an easy afternoon of work for the Air Force.

Another major city in Somalia fell without a shot to Islamist insurgents on Wednesday, with Islamist guerrilla fighters seizing the strategic port of Merka, residents and Somali officials said.
This port needs to be no more.

Meanwhile, the Australia Navy is shutting down for two months to improve sailor "recruting and retention".

Might as well put up a "Pirates Welcome" sign.

This trend will only get worse so long as the ships maintain their passive posture and the owners/insurers keep paying the ransoms.

If the good guys quit worrying about maritime law and start sinking the bad guys, the problem will go away.

"Nothing that some napalm wouldn't clear up ...."

See, the deal is, you're not supposed to kill hostages. They're on your side ... that is, supposedly; if you're on the good side.


But this whole 'pirate thang' don't add up.

Look at it from two aspects. First, where the heck did they come from? Why now? Why there? Where were they 10 years ago, when there was much more low-hanging fruit? Why aren't they in the Straits of Malacca, or around the Subcontinent, (i.e., India), or hanging in the China Sea commandeering ships bound for Japan? ( ... maybe because they'd get their butts shot off in those places, and in places on the high seas under US patrol and 'control,' they don't get shot ... )

Second, imagine you were going to 'pirate' a ship: How would you do it -- strategy, tactics, logistics? ( ... there ain't no way. you could not, and nobody else could either, 'freelance' a pirate op on the open sea. you'd need a 'backer' who has it fixed with 'authorities' that muscle won't come in to 'counter-pirate' you and recover the ship(ment) ... )

Which is to say, the CIAet al is 'running' the pirates and the operation(s). (Keeping in mind Henry the Killing-er and Pappy Bush run the CIAet al.)

My insight into the machinations and the makers behind it came to mind just this week, on the occurrence of 'yet another pirating;' and I haven't read anyone else saying this, (the pirates is a CIA op), if anyone is.

It so happened that two unrelated items crossed my screen a few minutes apart, and by that inductive combination my conclusion was reached.

Item the first: in Wayne Madsen Report (dot COM). This material is for Subscribers Only, and that's unlikely to include many readers here who have seen this, so I'll quote a bit much.

=== Out-of-court settlement very likely in Dan Rather suit against CBS, publication date: Nov 19, 2008 ===

According to an extremely knowledgeable source with CBS News, the recent publication of CBS memos showing that the CBS corporate hierarchy considered placing such right-wing pundits as Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Pat Buchanan, Matt Drudge, as well as Fox News' Roger Ailes, on the "independent panel" that sat in judgment over veteran CBS News anchor Dan Rather's 60 Minutes report on George W. Bush's phony record with the Texas Air National Guard during the Vietnam War has stung the network and CBS Corporation.

The CBS panel that was ultimately named to investigate the Rather/60 Minutes story never concluded the Texas Air Guard documents were forgeries. WMR reported that the information contained in the documents showing that Bush failed to report for duty was correct ....

Rather is suing CBS for $70 million for scapegoating him in the controversy. Named in the lawsuit are ... Leslie Moonves, ... Sumner Redstone, and ... Andrew Heyward. The collusion between the network and such right-wingers as Ailes to sink Rather has exposed the connections between the once-heralded "Tiffany Network" and the Republican Party and right-wing.

Our source says that Messrs. Moonves and Redstone are already checking their bank accounts to come up with an out-of-court settlement figure that will be acceptable to Dan Rather and his attorneys.

Item the second: Some darn 'Pirates Get Ship' news report, hard to say where first I saw it, and it had the ONLY photo of 'the action' ... credit: CBS News !!!

Which led my google to this CBS report,(video):

... and to this CBS exclusive report, (video):

... and to this odd coincidence of CBS pirate-fatuation 18 months ago -- buccaneering as prime-time 'entertainment;' getting everybody 'leaning that way' toward 'believing in' such stuff as authentic:

So, because CBS is the primary 'pusher' of the story and 'getting' the Exclusive, we see a form of proof that those reported 'pirates' are CIAet al. (The motive I've thought of so far is that it is like a reverse Boston Tea Party; that is, if King George had his sympathizer Tories suit up in 'native' garb and toss the tea overboard, in order to blame and attack the Colonists for it. In modern terms it is a Pirates' Oil Party, (or 'Protest,' but who are the people dressed up as pirates?). The predictable result of the sensationalized media 'pirate play' is appearing already -- knee-jerk, pro-forma -- in a Comment above: "The countries need to get together and form a ['endless war'] task force to clean out that (pirate thang) ....") Perhaps the longest-standing CIA-puppet mouthpieces are Henry Luce's 'Time/Life' in print media, and William Paley's CBS in broadcast media. 'All the news that's fit to agitative propaganda.'

Which led me back to review Paley's biography, where I discovered two things. First, that he was a co-conspiring Allen Dulles colleague, (and tool), since the advent of radio-broadcast 'sponsored programs,' (in the 1930s). You can see it by reading between the lines with a strong sense of context, especially in such statements as HERE: ... of the communist scare in the early 1950s, Paley instituted a loyalty oath among his employees. He was the first network executive to bow ... to establish a blacklist of performers and other artists believed to be communist sympathizers.

Second, there's no Wikipedia bio for Paley -- the man who invented 'commercial sponsors' of broadcast-public programming. What's up with that omission? censorship? (Maybe Wikipedia has it, but I didn't easily find it.)

So, the moral of the story is: Pirates unimaginably staging supertanker seizures at sea, (provoking USpublic 'sentiment' for militaristic ship-building and international 'escort authority' ... pursuant to 'national security'), is our tax dollars and CIAet al at work. (Oh, and those obscure 'rebels' conVEEEniently instigating chaotic devastation in Somalia? You guessed it: More CIAet al hirelings.)

Y'know, Nine-Eleven Op is 'fool you once.' Whose fault is it to blame when there comes a 'fool you twice'?

Epilog: In December, 1992, after being rejected as President by voters heralding Clinton, (ending the 12-year Reagan/Bush nightmare in America), Pappy B. wantonly and vengefully ordered the Marines' invasion of Somalia -- started an intractable 'war' to pile sour grapes on his successor's desk in January,'93. Implying here: Like father, like son. Anyway, as the germane point, I recall TV news footage that showed the Marines wading ashore, making a beachhead, starting the incursion -- and standing there on the Somali sand to greet them, with a photog to get 'exclusive' pictures, was Dan Rather, CBS News.

And when you want to read a really alarming report of the insidious goings-on, try THIS: Leading Economist Warns of Food Riots, By The London Banker and RGE Monitor, November 15, 2008

The recent 93 percent collapse of the obscure Baltic Dry Index – an index of the cost of chartering bulk cargo vessels for goods like ore, cotton, grain or similar dry tonnage – has caused a bit of a stir among the financial cognoscenti. What is less discussed amidst the alarm is the reason for the collapse of the index – the collapse [or subversion?] of trade credit based on the venerable letter of credit. Letters of credit have financed trade for over 400 years.

It could collapse the employment, the well being and the political stability of most of the world’s population ... look at the precipitous collapse of the Baltic Dry Index ....

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