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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another reason to not want to be President

No e-mail.

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I can believe that Bush never had a laptop in the White House, but Clinton? Unbelievable . . .

No e-mail... no spam? I could live with that. No Cell phone? I'm close to being sold. Now, before I throw my hat into the ring, I need to know: when I play World of Warcraft... would the secret service be required to create characters in order to protect me in-game? If the answer is yes, I am so running in '12.

Interesting that the NYT let this by:
"For the first time, it was also videotaped and will be archived on YouTube."
Taped? Sounds 20th century.

If the guy is addicted as much as me...he will find a loophole.

No e-mail or BlackBerry? Throw in a decent airplane and I'm there.

It would probably have been a little embarrassing for Bush if his midnight messaging request for a large bag of pretzels was ever revealed. Clinton's late night emails however may have proved a little more embarrassing than that. In spite of the concern I'll bet that Obama will keep on keepin on.

Barack Obama quit smoking. Now , he may have to break another addiction: Checking his BlackBerry for e-mail.

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