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Saturday, November 8, 2008

And I almost drove off the road

Heard on the radio in the car yesterday: Christmas music.

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When stations flip to 24 hour xmas music they gain the highest Arbitron numbers. K103 will be first to do it.

That's who it was.

Ack! This makes me want to move to a Muslim country for the next two months. Probably would be warmer there, too.

Downtown's Meier and Frank --I mean Macy's-- put up their Christmas Department weeks ago.

Ho, ho, ho...

Two years ago one station cut to an all Xmas format at midnight on Halloween. I want to say it was 105.1 FM. K103 usually doesn't bite the bullet until right around Thanksgiving.

Maybe it's my imagination but it seems like stores, radio stations, tv advertising, etc all break out the Christmas stuff a few weeks earlier during years when the economy is sagging.

K103?? Ick.

Do yourself a favor and subscribe to satellite radio for Xmas. Much (much) better music, deeper selection, continent-wide programming and no commercials!

Since I began listening, I am ruined for FM radio, except for the occasional Blazers game on 95.5 when I am in the car during game time.

But what about the War on Christmas?

And whose side are the radio stations on?

Businesses are simply terrified this year. If they don't have a lucrative holiday season, they will probably go under so the answer is to start the holiday season early.

The biggest difference I think we'll see is that instead of regular prices up 'til Christmas we'll see deep discounts in a desperate attempt to draw "consumers" into the stores.

As a result, there will probably not be as many after-Christmas sales unless they are going out of business sales.

Starbucks' holiday cups are starting to show up in the street litter.

Jingle bills, jingle bills . . .

It Came Due Upon a Midnight Clear . . .

Frosty the Nomad . . .

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