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Saturday, November 29, 2008

A holiday weekend message to the right

Granny Helen wakes up from her turkey coma and lets loose with a vivid rant:

Sarah Palin is back and my heart goes out to all our dear friends over there in Georgia. She's sort of like headlice. You can't just shampoo your hair. You have to boil everything afterwards.
The whole thing is here.

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That Granny Helen is a keeper!

margaretandhelen is my second favorite blog!
Those ladies rock!

Oh the perpetual pondering of Palin by the progressives. Painfully pontificating her personage and performance. Providing the petty as profound to present her as the pathetic they prefer her to be perceived.

I'm not pursuaded. But we're having fun.

Using alliteration here with a Republican VP candidate is a bad strategy. Or to put it in your terms, it's an audaciously asinine association. Why? Because Vice President Spiro Agnew was famous for his alliteration in such phrases as, "nattering nabobs of negativism." Remember him? He was chosen by Richard Nixon to be on the Republican ticket, and is still the only VP to resign because of criminal charges.
So why bring all that back up? Maybe you were trying to protect Sarah Palin by reminding us that picking a loser for VP is a Republican tradition. Nixon fits into that himself.
As far as perpetually pondering her, I'm over it but I did notice they reran a couple of my jokes about her last night on national TV. Oh well. She seems to be running again so why shouldn't the jokes run again?
P.S. Loved the turkey pardoning stunt, but I thought it was something only presidents did. Not beleaguered bimbos behaving badly.

I'm also surprised you wouldn't realize "audaciously asinine association" is NOT an example of alliteration. What were you trying to do? Inspire a clever phrase while I was watching the Beavers/Ducks game?


I don't know. I can't decide.

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