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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A dad's tears

Gus's dad.

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Man, that's good, and eerily similar to what I'm going through, as the dad of a beautiful 2 year old girl, and with a baby due to arrive in 2 months. I feel just the same--trying to keep her sheltered from all this crud in the world, but feeling as though, with Obama's election, we've at least taken a step in the right direction.

It's true, I'm sappy. But I had never cried over election results before this month.

I too shead tears of joy and relief for the first time ever in nearly 40 years of voting. Gave money too for the 1st time ever and I am glad to support Barack Obama.

My heart goes out to Ted Stevens.

My heart goes out to Ted Stevens.

He could use one.

I do believe that Obama is good for the mental health of the country. But, it IS very, very scary right now. Every day gets scarier. Heaven help us all.

I don't know if Obama will be able to make much difference by the time he's sworn in: the loss of investor and consumer confidence coupled with rising unemployment will make this a recession/realignment for the record books.

I watched KGW-TV reporting on Tom Potiowski's dismal economic forecast, who informed our state legislators that the worm has turned.

Unlike Portland City Hall, the PDC, or the wizards at the Port of Portland: they are still rearranging the deck chairs and ignoring all the idle chit chat about icebergs.

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