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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Who says you can't get a bank loan these days?

You can if you're the Republican Party.

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Should have made it a secured loan. Possible sources of collateral include the Straight Talk Express, Ronald Reagan, or even the Contract with America.

I'm watching Andrea Mitchell explain the latest bank giveaway or is it the new version of the 700 billion dollar deal? Is that money already redirected to follow the British model? Actually the state owning banks used to be called something else but why dwell on unhappy thoughts? The market is up so it's happy, happy, happy, right?

Here we have a bank giving back to the Republican Party after GOP leaders in Washington just bailed it out, and the whole sorry mess is being reported by a mainstream reporter who happens to be in bed with Alan Greenspan - literally since they're married.

Meanwhile because of the election there is zero chance that President Bush will do what's good for America right now. He just wants to keep the entire sordid disaster from blowing up before November, when the banks hope their loans to the Republicans will mean victory and the looting can continue.

The numbers are staggering: Last week the government spent 150 billion on ink cartridges just to print more money.

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