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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Who needs The New York Times?

That organization just issued a breathless e-mail news alert: "Treasury Department May Take Ownership Stake in Banks."

Excuse me, but that ain't news, folks. Those of us who follow the Portland-based blog Isaac Laquedem were onto the story more than a week ago.

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Very similar to the UK bailout. And to think our own esteemed Sec. Paulsen couldn't think of a "Plan B" while the FDIC could.

What's the difference? Objectives. Paulsen honestly didn't have a Plan B to transfer a huge amount of wealth to his cronies back at Goldman Sachs and the rest of the Street.

I'm disgusted by the current economic trend. The house is crumbling while the contractors continue to do shoddy work. The government either needs to step in and actually TAKE CONTROL or let the house of cards fall where they may. Instead, we're slapping two-by-fours and bracing around the problem while the foundation crumbles.

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