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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Where the bailout money will go

While you get ready for the run on the bank and the soup lines, the financial wizards are spending your tax dollars wisely.

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What happened to Richard Fuld, the punch in the face, was too kind. All of these guys need to feel deep, sincere pain, humiliation and loss of everything they hold dear. Otherwise, a scolding by a member of Congress will continue to be nothing but a minor inconvenience to these dirtbags. If action won't come from the government, it has to come from the citizens.

Inexcusable, whether they are shareholder or government owned. Either way, it is squandering investor assets on executive pampering.

That said, the venue was likely selected months earlier, well in advance of thinking they were headed for insolvency.

And heaven knows how many municipal or federal "meetings" have been held at the same location (or even nicer ones, in Hawaii or Las Vegas). I know that even cash strapped Multnomah County has sent employees to Las Vegas in the past.

Come on, you guys. That bailout thing was very stressful. These folks needed a spa day.

I'm going to vote for the first guy who promises mandated croutons for the soup I'll be wating for in the soup lines.

After reading this post and then watching McCain's eerie, robotic movements during the debate, there's no way I'll vote for the Republican nominee for president this year. No, I'll vote for Obama instead. If any of you know how I can make my vote count three or four times over, please let me know.

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