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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What the Portland sports scene has over Seattle: less

Such logic isn't lost on Stern. He remains adamant that N.B.A. franchises must remain in the nation's largest cities. He ticks them off: ''Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles. . . . If I've forgotten one, I don't mean to. The Top 10.'' But he also acknowledges that the other dozen and a half teams might be better situated as the lone big-league option in a small market rather than fighting popular baseball and football teams for corporate and fan support and media attention. That means successful N.B.A. markets like San Antonio, Sacramento, Portland and Salt Lake City. It doesn't mean Seattle. ''I wake up every morning thanking the Good Lord that we're the only game in town,'' says Peter Holt, who owns the San Antonio Spurs.
The whole thing, here, is worth a read.

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I think Paul Allen should bring an NHL team to Seattle. Yeah, he's said many times he's not into hockey like he is football and basketball, but the NHL in Seattle makes sense. They have the entire NW draw, up to BC, and there are plenty of teams like Phoenix, Atlanta, and Nashville that are barely making it. Pro hockey is a snow country sport that needs big city support in the US. An NHL team would love to make Key Arena a home.

First time in the Stanley Cup playoffs and Sea-Tac will forget all about the woeful Sonics (who were at their best when they played in Tacoma).

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