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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We're No. 1!

This blog has come up as the top Google hit for this unique search. If anyone knows what that particular web surfer was searching for, we'd love to know.

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How about free association? Or maybe one of Gerden Edlen's architectural creastions resembles Parton? You're number one with me and I share bojack.org every chance I get. I know from personal experience that the O is not a reliable source. And the Portland Trib is ready for a new formula.

Maybe it is the game BojackWhack, which in spite of the name is not played with a salmon bat.

It's like GoogleWhack -- search for a two word string that will yield only one result when searching Google. Example: phospholipid rimjoist.

However in this case, you have to restrict the search to Bojack.org. Zero hits is no points. Exactly one hit earns 10 points, two hits is five points. Three or more hits is zero points. Here is an example, it took me about 5 minutes to find one: Fireman Randy crawfish.
(Fireman Randy is a proper name and counts as one word.)

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