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Monday, October 20, 2008

This year's model

You just know we'll be seeing a lot of these jack-O-lanterns for the next week or two.

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I like the BOO one best.

Great, now they'll accuse Barack Obama of ties to Halloween, and we all know that is a godless holiday where costumes include Osama bin Ladin.

Do you know what Sarah Palin's costume is this year? She's going as a serious VP candidate.

Bill Bill Bill,

You're losing it. Palin's costume is a pregnent woman.
She still has the costume she used earlier.

Illustration: Victor Juhasz
for Rolling Stone Magazine.

I don't know if its smart top-down marketing or grassroots inventiveness. Either Obama has created a movement or has hired some brilliant folks to run his campaign. In either case, thumbs up.

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