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Thursday, October 2, 2008

The debate? I got just one word


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She sure nuked him.

She was pronouncing it alternately correctly and incorrectly. My impression: wind her up, set her loose.

She sure nuked him.

Yeah, I want my President to be a smiling sports reporter with a lip tattoo yammering about whatever they gave her to read this morning. I also don't want my President to answer any questions that are asked -- just spit back the talking points. And the less experience, the better.

The fact that this woman can be a candidate for the job one heartbeat away from the presidency says everything about the sick place we are in this country.

Where's the Moose Meat?

All I heard were empty promises, prattle, twaddle, jargon and pap.

With the way McCain/Palin treat Bush, you would think he was a 2 term Democrat POTUS

I saw it as a draw, both were pitiful.

Could they maybe left Trig back at the hotel with his mom?

Could they maybe left Trig back at the hotel with his mom?

Are you drunk?

"Lip tattoo"?

CNN Snap Poll: Biden 51%, Palin 36%

Overall Biden wins 69-31 with Independents.

CBS Snap Poll: Biden 46%, Palin 21%

Joe wins by a teardrop.

All I heard were empty promises, prattle, twaddle, jargon and pap.

From both sides...

The most disingenuous part of these debates is where they dig up some old vote and use it to prove a candidate's position when these bills are packed with multiple reasons to be for or against it.
Sure, if there is a pattern that emerges then go with it, but the rest of it is a waste of time. I thought each side sounded ridiculous arguing that the opposition was against funding the troops. As if.

Palin might make a good press secretary for McCain; she's very practiced in the art of evasive answers. But as a VP candididate, she's sinking the ticket.

I could have done without all the rhapsodizing about what happened in Alaska. Who cares? Just answer the questions. Biden seemed to be reaching back into his own experience to field questions; Palin was looking for ways to regurgitate whatever talking points she'd been stuffed with. I got the distinct feeling that she was a used car salesman extolling the virtues of snake oil whenever she mentioned some new situation where McCain had performed a miracle, stood up against multitudes or walked on water. He's the answer to any ailment! If you want a placebo.

I think the biggest single BS moment of this campaign was when John McCain tried to say by fundamentals of the economy he meant the American worker. It was BS when he said it, and it was BS when Sarah repeated it tonight. It shows a very cynical side of the campaign - "Just turn it into a compliment. They'll never figure it out."

Well, I hope the fundamentals of the economy don't fall for it and it shows in how they vote.

What's the difference between Sarah Palin and George W. Bush?


I have spent a good deal of time in south east Alaska. (You cannot see Russia from that part of the state.)
And over the years I have found the Alaskans to be on the whole people who do not 'fit in' down in the lower 48. There also seem to be a higher proportion of convicted felons up there.
I guess that is how she came to run and win, as a repug for governor. She was a republican without a record.

I thought they both did well. Palin wasn't perfect, but she certainly held her own with a very seasoned politiician.

She was an embarassing representation of the female gender. Did I see a couple of WINKS?

Attributing "a city upon a hill" to Reagan did nothing to assure me that she knows our country's history or people.

My personal pet peeve...why would a mother drag her poor sleeping baby up on the stage? Makes me think she has something to prove. Hmmm...maybe Bog is on to something.

McCain has done the country a disservice by bringing this person onto the national stage.

Did I see a couple of WINKS?

Oh, yeah. Plus that dopey TV newsroom smile at the start of every answer.

"Wage war while cutting taxes." In the history of civilization, it's never worked. Even Reagan is rolling in his grave.

No, I didn't watch no 'debate.' Two losers. My metaphor du jour: This election tosses the inundated voter two 'life preservers' - one is a lead anchor and the other is a thin board. I ain't got much good words for the wooden board choice, but it is preferable to grabbing a lead anchor.

And this, (insert your own photos):
This is a pig [photo of Hitler]
This is a pig on lipstick [photo of Palin]

And this. To Joe Biden: Time for Confession, by Ray McGovern, CommonDreams.org, October 1, 2008

Dear Senator Biden,

I don't have to remind you .... You may wish to examine your conscience regarding how you have acted on key foreign policy issues ....

You must first come clean on your role in greasing the skids for President George W. Bush's war of aggression on Iraq. I use "war of aggression" advisedly, for that is the term used by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson to denote "the supreme international crime, differing from other war crimes only in that it contains the accumulated evil of the whole."

And there is no getting away from the important role you played in roping Congress into facilitating that war.

-- For some reason, you were calling for an invasion of Iraq and making unsupported claims about its "weapons of mass destruction" even before President George W. Bush came into office. Later, on Aug. 4, 2002, after it had become clear to many of us that Bush was intent on attacking Iraq, you declared that the U.S. was probably going to war.

-- You became the administration's most important congressional backer of Bush's preemptive-with-nothing-to-preempt war advocated by neoconservatives and various oil-thirsty functionaries.

-- Then, in 2007, when your catastrophic misjudgments were obvious and hundreds of thousands were dead and maimed, you borrowed administration rhetoric to "explain" to Russert how "everyone in the world thought Saddam had them [WMD]." That was rank hyperbole. When you added, "The weapons inspectors said he had them," that was a lie.


Ray McGovern works with Tell the Word, the publishing arm of the ecumenical Church of the Saviour in inner-city Washington. He worked as a CIA analyst for 27 years ...

Now that the "debate" is behind us, Bristol can have her "miscarriage" and Palin can drop out of the race to spend more time with her family.

portland native said: "There also seem to be a higher proportion of convicted felons up there.
I guess that is how she came to run and win, as a repug for governor. She was a republican without a record."

Bill McDonald couldn't have said it better!

Palin's candidacy is an indictment of education in our country: public, private and parochial as well as the homeschool cop-out (do I mean opt-out? nah, I don't).

The comedians (Tina Fey, David Letterman and others) have Palin accurately pegged while mainstream media treats her with the deference they would give to a serious candidate, with the notable exceptions of conservative voices in the wilderness such as George Will and Kathleen Parker.

She reminded me of a ventriloquist's dummy last night in the VP debate, spewing someone else's words. She evaded responding to questions she wasn't prepped for or was instructed to avoid. She didn't offer any policy specifics but rather a lot of exhortations along the lines of cheerleading chants ("We're gonna get that ball" "We're gonna make that goal" "We're gonna work for the American People")

This is the World Series but it's not a baseball game. People need to think hard and long about what they will be getting if they vote McCain-Palin. Unfortunately, our education system has failed to prepare many voters for that task.

She doesn't talk with us, she talks at us. We need one rule for all these so called "debates", a negative point, or demerit, for every question evaded. On that score, Palin rates a negative 20. At least Biden attempted to respond to most questions, while fending off Palin's talking points. Those gushing over her performance are delusional.

But really, who gives a rip about the VP spot anyway? In half-hearted seriousness (excepting of course the low probability that the VP gets promoted), I think I would prefer someone who doesn't have an agenda or a means to carry one out or try to outshine her boss. If McCain is only going to trust this lady to run the energy plan, that is plenty.

Other than "potatoe," can you think of anything significant Dan Quayle did? What about the fella who ran with Carter? Rockefeller? Neither can I, and I think that is a good thing. The last thing our government needs is two idiots in the White House trying to stir things up. If Obama wins, I'll at least give him credit for not picking Hilary to grab at the power and spotlight on a regular basis.

Mike and Tenskwatawa

You both just made my point.


You might think that someone who believes that a given group is a bunch of "losers" would not want to associate with that group. But I guess that doesn't apply to someone whose ego is so large that he can't help but check back almost four hours later to see how folks have responded to his oh so clever post that demonstrates clearly just how superior is to those "losers." Seems to me that there might be a better way to spend time than to associate with folks that you hold in such contempt.

Lou, I don't see your "point" upstream, what gives? Are you, Mike, and Tensk - some kinda private cabal?

It seemed to me like a barrage of political talking points from both sides. Thank heaven there won't be a second VP debate.

Discussions with the right wing about Sarah Palin are pointless. If they could see through Sarah Palin in 5 weeks, they would have eventually seen through President Bush. They didn't and we've got America on the ropes today.

For many it's taken 7 years to see through a rather transparently incompetent Bush with his "smirk". Now they have the Palin "wink" to contend with. Doesn't matter what comes out of that glossy smile as long as they see the Reagan wink. I love the movies but now I feel I'm living a Coen Bros. script. Unreal - no real.

Palin's tax returns are out.......

Bill that's such an easy claim to make.

Look how easy it is.

Discussions with the left wing about Sarah Palin's faked pregnency and other fabrications are pointless. If they could see through the Sarah Palin attacks in 5 weeks, they would have eventually seen through the 911 conspiracy theories. They didn't and we've got America on the ropes today.

Joe Biden did a great job proving why Dick Cheney has no grounds for claiming the vice president is a member of the legislative branch of government. I also salute him for labeling Cheney as a dangerous man. Palin sidestepped Ifill's question entirely.

John McCain to the world, "Cheney is dangerous." Why on earth is he still in a position of influence in our govt then? Congress is guilty of breach of fiduciary duty and malfeasance in failing to impeach Cheney - and thereby protect us from this known "dangerous" person. Is it true the Cheney Library is under construction in Guantanamo Bay?

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