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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rumor has it...

... that the Hung Far Low sign has been taken down in what's left of Portland's Chinatown. That would be a great loss, even for those of us who aren't.

UPDATE, 10/3, 12:21 p.m.: Rumor confirmed.

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It was there as of Wednesday at 2 PM when I last walked by.

Another landmark sign gone? Sad. Beards frame shop have a great selection of historic signs that were shot by a great photographer and then painted over. This is one that's on display.

If I were in his boat, I would put up a big neon sign too.

Bonus: ladies night all week long!

... those "of us who aren't" down in Chinatown ??? All night ladies week ???

Andy Ricker house flipper and pok pok owner is opening a trendy asian fusion restaurant in the Hung Far Low building.

NYT - In Portland, a Golden Age of Dining and Drinking
"He[Ricker] also bought two houses and sold them, taking advantage of a rising real estate market so he could finance his vision of a southeast Asian restaurant without having to satisfy financial backers."

It is indeed gone. I just walked down there and took a photo. Portland will have a tough time selling Chinatown now to the tourists.

The Portland Development Commission and City Hall destroyed Portland's China Town. Sad.

The sign is not gone permanently. It's being fixed up, and will make a return!

Alexander Mace

Thanks Alexander. It's good to know the sign will be even better hung.

The name hung far low, I was once told, roughly translates into "red mansion" or "big red house."

I first saw a picture of that place before I had ever been here, and thought, that must be a fun town, to have something like that up in public.

It was one of the first bars I went to when I first visited the town, too. Like the second or third one...I told my hosts, "I want to get a drink at the Chinese bar with the ridiculous sounding name." Whee, those were some strong drinks at that place. Chinatown was a lot seedier then. Hell, the whole city seemed to be a lot seedier...there was even an "Anarchist Center" right on Burnside at that time.

Glad to hear that the sign will go back up.

In those days, the anarchists presented a united front.

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