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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Randy vs. Rosie: Rosie wins

Fireman Randy says he doesn't want to be Portland police commissioner.

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Why announce this late on a Wednesday afternoon? Because it keeps it out of the print edition of the Trib, the Merc and Willy Week?

What a shame, now who's going to make sure the Portland Police conduct sting operations to catch illegal sellers of duct tap and spray paint?

So what does Randy get to do instead?

Let the War on Trans-Fats begin.

Randy is a tempest in a tea pot.

Props to Randy for backing down and saving us the cost of one stress-related permanent disability, at least for now. We put him in office, and if we don't like his management style, I guess we can replace him in due course.

Crap. I was hoping Randy would take this on with gusto and bring some accountability to the Portland Police Bureau and the police union.

"What does Randy get to do instead?"-he gets to figure out how to retain and increase the number of jobs at his present Bureau of Buildings, even though the permit center applications are down over 30% and climbing.

"if we don't like his management style, I guess we can replace him in due course."

Why is replacing him? the only answer? Why can't he try to represent taxpayers now?

Why can't he try to represent taxpayers now?

Since when did our elected representatives ever represent the electorate?

I saw a brand new Dodge "Sprinter" Van today, with CoP Water Bureau stickers on the doors. It appeared to be outfitted for human transport: lots of seats without any room for equipment.

$39,000 base sticker price, Made in Germany, and (no doubt) bio-diesel powered: your tax dollars at work.

They'll probably use it to transport their lawyers back and forth to Bull Run while they continue to avoid compliance with the EPA's clean water regulations.

transport their lawyers

Cheaper to buy and operate the four or five Smart Cars that would be needed in its place.

he is a wimp.... scared of big girls.

An editorial in the O today patted Leonard on the back for removing his name from consideration. The writer thinks Leonard did a courageous thing for backing off so things at PPB could move forward in a positive way. The O did not mention that Leonard filed a complaint against Sizer and her command staff as a last dig before walking away. More like stirring the pot, rather than taking the high road, Randy.

Sizer may have won the battle, but she will most certainly lose the war. When she goes, Portland will be the real loser.

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