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Friday, October 3, 2008

Privacy? How quaint

That our government is even working on something like this is another sad, sad statement about America.

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They don't need anything this sophisticated for guys like me. While passing through to the US last year with (possibly) an extra bottle of Canadian whiskey the border guard asked me what city I lived in. I started to perspire some and told him "Oregon". He politely asked again for the name of the city I reside in, and I again repeated "Oregon". Lucky my wife was there to jump into the conversation and save the day.

Well, if they're going to measure increased pulses, breathing and temperatures they should be able to arrest all those people who have sexual fantasies in public too.

"Homeland Security" obviously has too much time on it's hands. Funny, I feel much less secure since it's inception. They make me kinda twitchy and my pulse increases. Uh oh.

Sounds like someone who lights up the dials due to a bad mood, being pissed off, suffering from indigestion, menopause, migraine or mental illness might just be the LAST person you want to pull aside for questioning and detention.

When will America finally realize that War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery and Ignorance is Strength?
The Constitution was amended on 9-11-01 and America bought it. It's just taken awhile to ease the consequences into our daily lives.
Carry on.

I'm SO screwed.

Jack, What the hell are we going to do to prevent this gross invasion of privacy?
And Homeland Security (brown shirts) the nations police force to catch the "evil doers". Good God Jack lets just hope and prey that our new fearless leader disbands this SHAM of a goverment agency.
Time to give the goverment back to the people as Americans we can handle it!

Jeff, you're going to tell your elected representatives and senators that you resent this invasion of privacy. You're also going to vote for people who have the same moral compass as you do. Now is a good time to start being proactive with people who are asking for you vote.

FYI, Scientific American recently put out a special issue about technology and privacy: "The Future of Privacy: Can we safeguard our information in a high-tech, insecure world?" I picked it up but haven't read it yet.

I'm wondering whether the new technology is designed to get around racial profiling challenges. It will be more difficult and complicated to challenge selections made by advanced electronic or digital technology ("The machine did it."). From the article, it doesn't sound like it is any more accurate than a law enforcement officer's sixth sense, and maybe is even less so.

There will still be racial, and political, profiling.

Just think of the races or political groups that believe they have greater reason to fear/mistrust/hate the government...

you'll have positively packs of minorities, libertarians, and green party members detained.

This is really getting to be ridiculous and just plain scary. There's a lot of great things technology has made possible, and then there's things like this. Which, quite frankly, aren't remotely ethical.

I don't think the Department of Homeland Security is even really necessary--it's just an extra level of bureaucracy. With stuff like this, I'm going to start calling them by their proper Newspeak name--Minisecure.

Thank you George Orwell for warning us way, way in advance. 1949 it was and we were so naive.

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