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Monday, October 27, 2008

Off the deep end, cont'd

The dysfunction known as the New York Knicks basketball team (the proud home of Zach Randolph) gets worse by the week. Now Knicks exec Isiah Thomas -- who has never, in our view, been what you call "good people" -- apparently overdosed on sleeping pills over the weekend and is denying that it happened. In direct contradiction to police reports on the incident, Thomas is claiming that it was his teenage daughter, not he, who was rushed to the hospital.

If he's lying -- and I believe the police, who say he is -- Thomas is ever more of a dangerous nutcase than I thought he was. Why the team owners and the league tolerate shenanigans like his is beyond me.

Comments (3)

I'm not a fan of Thomas myself but is "dangerous nutcase" really the best way to describe a guy who could possibly be seriously depressed and suicidal?

Didn't the Knicks pay a big sexual harassment settlement for Thomas? Why do they keep him around at all?

What kind of ahole tries to lay this at the feet of his teenage daughter? I hope childrens services investigates this "dangerous nutcase" soon.

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