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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Here y'ar, getcher 'dogs

My readers are helping to make me a stud in the pro football underdog pool in which I play. I don't know squat about football, but based on what readers have been telling me, I've picked a winning underdog in three out of five weeks so far. Cool!

So here we go again. Can you find an underdog (in caps) in this bunch that can win its game outright? Remember, the point spread is relevant only in that it shows how many points in the season-long pool I will win if I am right:

13.5 ST. LOUIS at Washington
13 DETROIT at Minnesota
7.5 OAKLAND at New Orleans
7.5 CLEVELAND vs. NY Giants
6 NEW ENGLAND at San Diego
5.5 ARIZONA vs. Dallas
5 BALTIMORE at Indianapolis
4.5 SAN FRANCISCO vs. Philadelphia
3 MIAMI at Houston
2.5 CAROLINA at Tampa Bay
2.5 GREEN BAY at Seattle
2 ATLANTA vs. Chicago

Is this a week in which Oakland will shape up? And how about New England over San Diego, who may or may not show up? Arizona's not too shabby, especially at home -- right?

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Being a lifelong Chargers fan I hate to say it, but New England looks good this week. My guys just aren't gettin' it done--they looked pathetic against the Dolphins. (Of course, the Pats did as well.)

But there's lots of other choices this week as well:Carolina (they're underdogs??), Green Bay, and Miami. But of the whole group, I say the Pats.

Going back to last season, Arizona has scored 20 or more points in 10 of 11 games. It's the best streak of any team in the league.

'Bean, you've always had a soft spot for the Cards...

San Diego is not the same team they have been the last few years.....NEW ENGLAND

Time for Cleveland to cleve.

Like Dave J, I'm a big Charger fan. And like Dave J, I have to (sadly) recommend New England. With LT and Gates both dinged up, and ZERO pass defense to speak of, how the Chargers are favored in this game is beyond me.

My second choice is Baltimore. Indy hasn't looked so hot this year.

Third choice - As crazy as it sounds, Detroit is due for their first win. 13 points would be a nice boost to your total, yes?

I believe AZ is due for a let down this week. I think Dallas kills them.


Indy will lose to Baltimore

Cinci will beat the Jets

NE+6?? That looks mighty tasty. I'm thinking a lot of your pool takes 'em.

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