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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Here comes the sellout

The people who are challenging the City of Portland's crazy and probably illegal "satellite urban renewal district" nonsense in court are suddenly talking settlement. I figured this was going to happen. The challengers aren't really critics of runaway urban renewal or wasteful city spending -- they're just a bunch of business people who are mad that they aren't getting their cut. Now that the Potter people are vacating the PDC board, and a greasier slate picked by Mayor-elect Sam the Tram is moving in, the complainants are going to be bought off. You can almost smell it. On with the real estate developer welfare! Insolvency be damned! More, more, ever more tax dollars to Hoffman Construction! Go by streetcar!

Comments (3)

As the voters around here send all the ususal libs back to city hall, county and metro seats the incompetence and sleazy insider deal making continues.

It's gotten so blatant in SoWa that the PDC has "stakeholder" meetings with developers and quasi OHSU to scheme the shifting South Waterfront plans.
These meeetings, outside the official Urban Renewal Citizen advisory committee meetings include no public representation.
This is how the millions are doled out without any consequences or accountability.
With OHSU, city and developers providing all the public realtions neccessary.

"Rick," even if you got to sit in on those secret meetings, do you think it would make any difference? Public and stakeholder input is purely advisory. Concurrences are welcomed, objections are ignored, and loud-mouth objections are excluded.

These stakeholder meetings are not public meetings. Thye are deliberately exclusive of the public and the public's interests.
But I get and know your point.

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