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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Flying high

The Portland Airport must be a cash cow for the Port of Portland. They're building more parking and a shangri-la office facility, and generally blowing more and more money out there -- as if the financial meltdown around the rest of the world weren't happening.

Last week we were told that the Port wasn't going to be able to sell bonds (borrow money) on Wall Street for deicing equipment. But I dunno, there's a $130 million bond sale scheduled for this week -- revenue bonds having to do with the airport. And orchestrating the deal? Why, Goldman Sachs, of course.

It must be nice.

Comments (3)

Why does everyone describe shangri-la as some wonderful place. I live on Shangri-la, and there is nothing wonderful about it.

I wonder if PoP got the memo about Lufthansa cutting back here. They've got a daily flight between Seattle and Frankfurt now, and it looks very much as if they will not bring back daily service between Frankfurt and Portland after this year's off-season.

I wonder if Bill Wyatt and the rest of the Port people are even aware that most airports around the country have a declining number of airplanes landing at their facilities? Just a couple weeks ago, the Wall Street Journal did a story on the Ontario,CA Airport which has almost become a ghost town thanks to declining flights to that location.

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