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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Did Bill Clinton fly on meth-runner's "business" jet?

A reader sends along what he finds to be an interesting set of facts:

[T]hought you might find this funny.

Have you been following this story about the former Broadcom CEO that has gotten himself in trouble for all sorts of things?

Look at this article and note the FAA number for the plane.


Now, look what turns up on a search of that number on an aviation photo website:


[Scroll down for photographer's comment, and note the date. -- JB]

Indeed it looks like Bubba was in Australia during that time according to the Washington Post:


I find this funny, a little bit disturbing and at the very least not too surprising.

Ah, the Clintons.

Comments (7)

My God, Bill Clinton made a lot of money giving speeches. He made more in a few talks than I would make in 10 years!

No wonder I hate that guy...

It's all about the money with Bill and Hill. That's always been the case, and it's still true today.

You don't have to bribe Hillary, just "hire" Bill for a "speech."

In other news, it seems that Sarah Palin has been fudging her income tax returns.

While I have no doubts that Bill would enjoy a flight on a plane loaded up with drugs, it fear its something much more boring ... a charter flight on a plane that the owner(s) can't use all the time and rent out to cover operating costs.

The plane is registered to Air Prestigio LLC according to the FAA. Elsewhere (on the internets), the plane (N2107Z) is shown as operated by Macair, Inc., as a charter plane. Its operated out of KLGB (Long Beach); confirmed by noise violation in Long Beach, March 2008.

Air Prestigio is a Delaware LLC (suprise, a company registered in Delaware); DE's system, however, is only availible Monday through Friday, 7 - midnight EST.

Macair is an Alaska corporation. Officers include Dori Abouzeid, Linda Shirvanian, Elizabeth Daglian, and Kosti Shirvanian as various officers and directors. Interestingly, they are listed as NAICS 492110: Couriers.

And there's your joke: couriers indeed!

Clinton rides on cocaine-connected planes. So? Bushes fly them. You can look it up.

How about this? Tax-avoiding, immorally rich, influential Oregonians, (like ex-Rep. Smith, and brother, advisers to and sponsors of LIARS), funded as a 'cut-out' airline to run drugs and biowarfare materiels back and forth, McMinnville - Shanghai, China.

CIA connection pays off for Evergreen airline, By Martin Rushmere, San Francisco

A sustained lobbying campaign in Washington by Oregon-based Evergreen Airlines has won it the right to operate a cargo service to Shanghai, said to be the first direct all-cargo service to China. Enlisting the help of powerful politicians was essential ....

The airline has also profited immensely from the Iraq war, which has been responsible for a good part of its operating profit - at least once it has been more than US$500 million ....

No doubt the families of the dead and destroyed Oregon Guards - under the command of a Caldwell, brother of the newspaper propagandist with statewide coverage - get ready for a McClueless/PalinLIAR election endorsement from racists at The Oregonian - they all make more money that way - no doubt the Oregon Guard fodder-families destroyed FOR NO FLICKING REASON appreciate the CIA devastation of our State.

Kroger sure ain't going to indict any of his old buddies -- he came here featuring 'intelligence-work experience.' Hey, look at that meth traffic - over there! Hey, one time Clintor rode a plane which perhaps carried contraband a long time ago, or not.

Apparently Mr. Chris Coyle just picked up some information off the web and dicided to be a writer or a commentator. Macair Inc. Did not Charter the aircraft to Mr. Clinton or to anyone else for that matter . Macair Managed the aircraft .

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