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Monday, October 20, 2008

Book burning in Halsey

They make wood pulp down there, but they don't always let you read what's printed on the paper later.

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You know, if you think its inappropriate, fine, dont let your kid read it. And be sure to explain to them why. And by all means petition the school to remove it. But burning books? C'mon.

I hope this woman has never let her kid watch Groundhog Day! She will have to check out and burn all the dvd's and tapes of that too!!!

I intend to kill myself if this woman burns the book. Then how will she feel?

And what would she do if her kid got this from the public library?

I wonder if there's a legal difference between inadvertently losing a library book and purposely destroying public property.

Seems like she is stepping up to be guilty of solicitation of a crime (stealing the book from the library) or conspiracy if the person checks out the book knowing she intends not to return it ...

I think is a great idea. First, takes the book from the library and voluntarily pays the replacement cost and fine. Then, the library takes the replacement cost to purchase a new book and uses the fine to pay their budget. Repeat: she takes the book and pays the cost and fine; library replaces book and uses fine for their budget.

The real winners? (1) The publishers, who make multiple sales of the book (and, I suppose, the author for their tiny slice); they also get loads of free advertising. (2) The library, who get to continue to replace the book and get more revenue and they have people looking for this book (and maybe even reading others).

Does she think that if they burns the existing, admittedly finite number of copies, it will disappear? She could single-handedly cause a repeat printing! You can't create advertising and marketing this good.

I think I need to order this book. Sounds like fun.

What was the theme song for the tv series Mash. Wasn't it Suicide is Painless, or something of that nature? Do her kids watch Mash?


Wow. I realize much is subjective, but the Bunny Suicides books and calendars are lighthearted dark humor. There's nothing ominous or inspirational there, nothing that would be out of place in an old Bugs Bunny cartoon. Seriously.

I'm just wondering how much of a field day a bloodthirsty district attorney could have with this woman. She also said that if they replace it, she'll steal it and burn it again. If she actually does, I wouldn't be surprised if it looked something like this:

• theft of public property (multiple counts)
• willful destruction of public property (multiple counts)
• conspiracy to commit theft
• conspiracy to commit willful destruction

If I'm not mistaken, conspiracy to commit misdemeanor turns it into a felony, does it not?

I'm no legal mind, but a certain blogger here is...

This author is a lucky sod. His cartoons get plastered all over the papers and sales go through the roof. I imagine that the foreign press, when looking for some "aren't Americans nuts" footage, will substitute the usual knuckle-dragging Palin fans for this lady and once again sales will rise. Maybe she's his mother.

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