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Friday, October 10, 2008

Big day for Troopergate

We should hear today a little more about how the governor of Alaska runs things. Of course, she's a big one for clearing herself of wrongdoing -- just ask her about her taxes.

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Did you catch her latest? She is complaining that the investigators didn't interview her!

Uh Sarah, when you ignore a suboena and refuse to testify that is kind of what happens...

Local media are already waiting outside the room where the Legislative Council is receiving the report. They snapped off a view photos of the Legislative Council before the blinds were drawn on the room.


Looks like Plain's allies on the committee are tryign ot block release. This thing must be pretty damaging.

Hopefully the dems don't spend too much time on this troopergate thing. Any decision that comes out of the legislative ethics group will be perceived as partisan. What she did or didn't do will be completely unproven because most of the pressure that was placed on Monegan was done through third parties. She will always have plausible deniability that she didn't know what was going on unless a credible person from her inner circle steps forward and narcs her out. There is also the problem that the ex-brother probably was an a-hole and some may sympathize with her for wanting him canned.

However, she can't sweep the whole Alaska Independence Party affiliation under the rug. For some reason the mainstream media just doesn't seem to give a darn that her and her husband wanted to secede from the United States of America just a few years back. Her little cheerleader video in early 2008 telling them that she was "proud" of them is pretty strong evidence that she's an AIP sympathizer.

I don't know if Palin supporters will block release of the report. That makes it look like they are covering up something nasty. Probably are delaying the release until it is to late to for prime time news.

"... today a little ... about ... the governor ... things. ... she's a big one for ... wrong doing ... her ...."

Really, a gentleman shouldn't tell. The sense of a woman takes the measure of a man.

One picture says it all ... ya gotta see this.

SARAH PALIN LOVER REVEALED!, In a world exclusive The NATIONAL ENQUIRER names ... secret lover!

The Legislative Council returned from executive session at 7:46 Eastern Standard Time. It is releasing the public version of its report. It will be on the state web site in about 20 minutes.

Gov. Palin guilty of abuse of power in officer firing probe

I just want to hear how she tries to talk her way out of this heap of Moose Poo...

Who's McCain's fall-back VP? Someone the base likes... I bet Huckabee turns off his phone this weekend...

>>>>The Legislative Council returned from executive session at 7:46 Eastern Standard Time. It is releasing the public version of its report. It will be on the state web site in about 20 minutes.

Here's the link to the report, which is on the Alaska Legislature site.


I'm completely disgusted with ABC. Although local news covered it, ABC's Charlie Gibson said not one word this evening about Troopergate. The network instead devoted time to televising a McCain rally, playing McCain/Palin ads as news and repeated slams re Obama's "terrorist" associaton with Ayers without offering any sort of explanation and neglecting to include any excerpts from the interview in which Obama has explained the association in depth, again and again.

In addition, an ABC reporter intentionally set out to Obama's followers look stupid by asking if they could detail his economic plan. When the ladies interviewed couldn't comply, only say that they were confident that Obama would help the middle class, it left viewers with the impression that Obama had no plan.

The McCain campaign continues to complain that the Troopergate investigation is "politically motivated" even though it was in process before Palin was tapped for the VP position.

They can dish out hairbrained allegations but they can't take any sort of legitimate charges aimed at them.

The first 50 pages are an easy, quick read...

By the way, (1) those two were FIXATED on this Wooten guy, pressing several different agency heads to call the state police commissioner about the guy and (2) Sarah kept Todd around constantly as a surrogate her... He was her fixer... Quite smarmy, actually.

She is SOOOOO gone... We should have a pool about which day next week she'll kicked off the ticket.

Mark: You're getting too excited. First and foremost, hotheads like John McCain never admit to making mistakes. Sarah Palin's his VP candidate, and he'll stick with her. Second, there's no one else who would take her doomed slot at this point. Maybe Romney's that desperate for love, but I doubt it.

Finally, you predict her departure with apparent glee. In truth, she's doing a lot more harm than good to McCain on the ticket, and it would be a great blessing to Obama if she stayed on.

You're right on both points. They're probably stuck with each other, which really is poetic justice. It's time to let go of this one for awhile...

I hope you guys are right. If McCain somehow wins the election, we're screwed.

We're screwed either way -- the only thing at issue is the precise degree of screwed-ness.

Just finished watching tonight's McNeil-Lehrer Report on PBS and they barely mentioned the Troopergate investigation and only as a part of the political campaign overview. If you had blinked,you would have missed it. They did not relate the results of the investigation and only said in passing that the committee was "looking into" her involvement and that she stood by her actions. The entire portion about Palin (which showed her deplaning and helping a child cut a ribbon at a dedication) lasted no more than about 20 seconds. She was the only one of the four Pres/Vice Pres candidates that was not shown speaking.

On the other hand, plenty of air time was given to the Ayers accusations and parts of the new McCain ad relating to that was shown.

What the hell??

In what world is the first non-news and the second, legitimate and serious news?

>>>>Just finished watching tonight's McNeil-Lehrer Report on PBS and they barely mentioned the Troopergate investigation...

The report was released at almost 6PM, pacific time. I would guess that the McNeil-Lehrer Report had already been recorded or was well into the process of being record.

I read all about this in the Boston Globe when the story first broke. Unlike Sarah Palin I actually read newspapers. Historians see this as an unprecedented expansion of presidential power. President Bush believes he is not just above the law - he is the law.

Now that you're taking an interest in President Bush's abuse of power, look into the rest of it. The torture, the illegal invasion, the lying us into war.

How about him listening in as our soldiers talk to their loved ones at home with illegal wiretapping of American citizens? Are you proud of that as an American? Are you so worried about being safe that you'd give up our right to privacy? Do you want the government listening to the thoughts in your head if they could? Would that be okay with you?

Ask yourself what it would take for a president to be impeached. Okay, we all know oral sex is one way, but think of the others. Then see if President Bush did any of them. That could take you a lot less time than googling what's gone on these last 8 years.

Oh, and the "Obama is a radical" stuff?You can't back that up. You've been programmed to think that. The biggest radical in recent American History is Dick Cheney. He actually believes he is outside the Constitutional branches of power depending on what scam he's running that day.

Where is Dick by the way? If you people are so proud of the job you've done, why are you hiding him from the public right now? The president of North Korea has been more visible than Dick Cheney in this campaign. If you're so happy with this administration why not drag him out? Who knows? Maybe his undisclosed location got foreclosed on.

While I was first baffled by the apparently inconsistent conclusions, any confusion dissipates when you discover, as have I, that Alaska follows the “mixed-motive” rule in wrongful termination cases..

A mixed motive case is one in which an employer terminates an employee because of both proper and improper motives. “In mixed-motive cases, the employer ‘must show that its legitimate reason, standing alone would have induced it to make the same decision . . .’” to fire the employee While Monagan’s firing was improperly motivated, Branchwater further found that the Governor’s vendetta with Trooper Wooten was not her “sole motive” for axing the state’s top cop.. The report discusses at least two proper and lawful motives; lost confidence and a belief that he was not a “team player”. If those two reasons “standing alone would have induced Palin to decide to fire Monagan”, the firing was lawful even if Palin was also motivated by Monagan’s failure to help her get her ex-brother in law..

[See “Mixed-motives for Firing Employees: Alaska's Inconsistent Standards and its Failure to Follow the Changing Federal Tide” by Brian Schwanitz at 24 Alaska L. Rev. 287, pg 287, available on line courtesy of Duke Law School at http://www.law.duke.edu/shell/cite.pl?24+Alaska+L.+Rev.+287#H2N2 ]

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