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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ain't no mountain high enough

It's been a while since I felt good about America.

Then I saw this. And this. And this. And this.

Now I feel a whole lot better.

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This will sound ridiculous but those pictures almost bring a tear to my eye. Much like the video posted above I'm feeling like there is hope again and people are beginning to really care about the direction we're going this time.

Let's all hope...
and VOTE!

Meanwhile, McCain packed it in due to the rain yesterday. Just sayin'...

AP slash Yahoo is supposed to make us feel good, and more: a whole lot better. That's their job.

No haters are named. No GOP-made life tragedies are shown or reported, of either the innocent victims or delusional self-victims.

Associated Press all-propaganda monopoly.

The Lithuanian-looking guy with the curly blonde tresses, describing his vote as a consensus of 'roomies,' hit a major nail smack on the head and drove home one of the structural points that hold the radical rightwing cobble-de-gook 'together.'

He said he was pro-abortion. As his single issue for all his votes. The major nail, as held the rightwing GOPbigtent together, has been the 15 percent added 'single issue' (anti-abortion) voters, for Raygun '80.

Emphasis being that those 15% pts did NOT vote before there was Roe v. Wade, '74 (late '73, really). Those 'church ladies' did not deign to the pretense (voting) of the Laws of Man -- they held only Laws of God, and He didn't go vote, so they didn't go vote.

So, numbers were (I am making these up, uncoincidentally they reflect reality), Dem to GOP registration (48 States) was 55 to 40. (5% 'other') The GOP was permanent Congressional minority since FDR. Then 15 pts come in, and D. to R. went 55 to 55, (and 10% 'other' ... it sums as 115%; they are basically splitting a bigger pie with the new voters, 47 to 47 percentagewise, and 6% 'other').

As misfortune would have it, Cable TV started at the same time, '75. And started working on the 'church lady' sect, for donation$, but more importantly building a Name mailing list. From the TVevangialists, sermonizers, who all turned out to be BigTime boozers, shmoozers, loozers. It turns out that way after 25 years of Cable TV 'royalties' (for producing channel 'content' ... discontent is more like it), amounting to $2 billion per year per religious channel, income, (nevermind donation$), funneled down the money-lauder chute into GOPrightwing campaigns, in a mockery of righteousness.

The GOP Big Rift these days, is between the 'church ladies' realizing they been mocked, all along, and the so-called 'fiscal conservatives' realizing righteousness don't come from loud-microphony, Big Box Preachings.

Righteousness comes from We, the People, realizing we've had our collective fill of the indignity and illegitimacy of a rightwing wackos contingent among us. Blowback. Righteous rally rout .

As the young man said, the single-issue anti-abortion 'church ladies' who skewed too-many elections, are now matched and neutralized by single-issue pro-abortion collegiate hedonists.

... and as misfortune would have it, TV is setting up to go into 'code mode,' in a few months, where you have to have a 'decode' registered-box to watch what's in the public airwaves, (and they know where you live -- a Name mailing list, who has got each registered-box. and how often much it's used. and what airwaves it watches. ... in case they need to 'reach' you).

Errata: 55 to 55 and 5% 'other' sums to 115.
Cable TV subscription fees went in a money-launder chute. (at the bottom of that chute: Newt.)

Accessible healthcare will be essential for all in the next administration.

Momma always told me to get out of the rain, lest I catch a death of a cold.

Thankfully, many were wise to dress appropriately, and to use umbrellas to shed the rain.

Momma always told me to get out of the rain, lest I catch a death of a cold.

Thankfully, many were wise to dress appropriately, and to use umbrellas to shed the rain.

No baseball in Philly for you, then.

(Rodney voice)
I tell you the weather's been rough lately. Really rough.
Even the World Series of Poker got rained out.


Could you post in english instead of klingon?

Just sayin....

I'm friggin' trying to.

I've got a question. Who is 'pro-abortion'? I've never heard anyone claim or say that. I hear the term 'pro-choice' and understand that, same goes for 'pro-life'. I understand that, but I've never heard anyone say they're 'pro-abortion'. I don't believe anyone is pro-abortion! I think that most people who are pro-choice would prefer that no one gets an abortion but that's not going to happen. So, Tenskwatawa where is this quote about the "Lithuanian looking guy". I need to see it, in fact can someone post a video showing me someone who says they're pro-abortion.

I click on the links and find something from just a few hours ago, today, Nov. 3. Did the links change from something else?


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