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Friday, September 19, 2008

You are so right, Mr. Warner

"Projects like Old Town Lofts would not happen if not for PDC."

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You know, I still like the PDC and think the agency can serve a useful purpose in Portland. But, dear God, I wish they were smarter with their money.

isn't it about time our worthless Attorney General got off his butt and did a serious investigation of this sorry financial mess. A few timely prosecutions of parties involved seems to be needed. Or is it because they're all "Good Democrats" nothing will happen?

As long as you make the exact same comment about the U.S. attorney general, I agree.

"But, dear God, I wish they were smarter with their money."
Dear Justin, Thanks for reminding me that the PDC uses their own money.


They're not using our money, are they?

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