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Sunday, September 7, 2008

WaMu main man gets the ax

Dear Lord, thank you for federal deposit insurance.

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Too bad he'll be getting up to 23.5 million going away present.

And you wonder why the interest on your passbook savings account is 0.0000001% a year.

Thank you, Jack, for bringing me down from this September weather reverie I was on. Now that the nation's fiscal disaster is staring me straight in the face, where is the cash for this Fannie/Freddie/WAMU/etc bailout coming from again?

What's in your wallet?

Don't think you can hide your nest egg from the ravages of inflation in precious metals, either. They have been taking a shellacking the likes of which I have never seen. But try to buy some Silver American Eagles...no one wants any so badly, they are widely sold out, and on waiting lists.

The lesson from on high seems to be :

"Ha ha ha, you foolish (censored) peons...so you think you can protect your money from hyperinflation ?"

Yeah, I've looked at CDs, etc. It is to laugh...

Just wait for measure 56 to be voted in by the fools..the taxes will be right in league with the bail-outs of the rich and unscrupulous.

Always on the lookout for conservative investments, lately you can peg the highest yield CD offers on banks nearing failure. This mornings WA MU ad has a 13 month 5% CD advertised. Don't risk more than 95k though.

The Wall Street Journal just reported that WaMu is now on probation with the Office of Thrift Management. If I had any money there I would be considering moving it elsewhere.

I have virtually all my banking accounts with WAMU (personal, business, savings, even my mortgage) and it is making me nervous. The thing is, they have given me better service and rates than even the credit union that used to hold most of my money. So I hate to leave.

And where do I go?

This is all so puzzling. As late as this March, he was quite the star player.

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