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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wake me when she says something that's actually true

Governor Palin on taxes and energy.

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What's the difference between Sarah Palin and Dan Quayle?


She said you can see Russia from an Alaskan island. On a clear day that's true.

I don't expect Nobama to stick to his tax plan (it does change from day to day, too), no more than Bill Clinton stuck to his 1992 election pledge to cut taxes. Once in office, Clinton not only didn't cut taxes he raised them. If Nobama does nothing, the Bush tax cuts will expire in 2010 and taxes will rise for many americans not making even $100,000. Many fixed income retirees will see their dividends taxed at rate of 25% or higher versus 15% currently, and Nobama at one point suggested a 28% capital gains tax rate instead of the current 15% longterm rate. Many folks making below $100k benefit from these lower tax rates. These lower investment income rates help boost stock market prices up until this year, but the threat of raising such rates under Nobama may be partially contributing to this year's sell off in stocks. Many folks have 401k plans invested in the stock market. So, taxes do have an impact at least indirectly on many working Americans.

So, I hope the Dems get im-Palin-ed and go Bye-den. I know the odds are against this but the election sure is a lot closer than one would think given the bad economy and the elephants asking for a third term.

Wake me when ANY politician says something thats true. They will say anything to get elected. After that, all bets are off.

There is something else going on with Palin. She is really likable and even when she makes mistakes or misspeaks people really don't care, because they really like her. They identify with her, as a mother, homemaker common person etc. No one in the Obama camp has that. She is ultimate teflon. Watch after debates, whether she does well or not, McCain/Palin's numbers will still go up.

She's the darling of the right, the party of paternalism and she's their girl, regardless of whether she's wrong on the issues. I pity the poor fool who takes on their cheerleader. If she thinks she will be treated like one of the boys, she will learn that her role will remain as cheerleader of the right and that's wrong.

"Once in office, Clinton not only didn't cut taxes he raised them."

You really want to complain about the economy during the Clinton era? If anything, you made the argument that taxes SHOULD be raised.

I love the "Palin is so likable" tripe from the GOP knuckleheads. People don't like being lied to. Polls are already swinging back to Obama (and don't forget that young voters without landlines are not counted in these polls). The only people I know that like Palin were already on the McCain train.

I agree with John Benton, "She is ultimate teflon". Even more than Reagan, for similar reasons. We've had a cheerleader for two terms, but he can't hold a candle to the redneck charm of Palin.
McCain/MILF '08 --NOT--

Use the link below and scroll down to the second chart to see how awesomely correct Bob Clark is about where the benefits of the low dividend and capital gains tax rates go.



Here's another link, to a page with a nice chart comparing job growth to population growth, both during the living hell that was the Clinton years and during the Big Rock Candy Mountain era that Bush's tax cuts ushered in.


"but the threat of raising such rates under Nobama may be partially contributing to this year's sell off in stocks"

Oh Reaaaalllyyy?

The collapse of the housing market, Bear Stearns, AIG etc etc -- pish-pah, small fish all that -- no no -- it's "Nobama"

Bob -- that bit of flotsam you free-marketers are all clinging to right now? It's a shark's fin. And we're the swirling chum we let your brethren toss in...

Ask them if they'll jump in with us -- the water's warm :-)

Or, oh my, don't tell me -- they can't join us at the moment -- they're busy now taking tea with those govmint scumbag bureaucrat socialist welfare queens -

cause, they just gotta get them some...

Palin's emails are pretty interesting now that they're being spread across the internet. Some good truth in there, I'm sure -- can't wait until I've got the time to read all the e-mails between aide Ivy Frye and Palin (and maybe we'll see the "back-channel" e-mails they worked so hard to keep off the AK e-mail system (which is subject to disclosure/retention laws)).

Hacking into her e-mail was despicable.

I hadn't given it more than passing notice, but now that you mention it, Jack, and so, I dwell on the profound entirety of the issue ... well, yes, my sense is in full agreement with seeing that hacking into emails is despicable, hers or others', (except with a reasonable-cause Court warrant to apprehend criminal enterprise).

Why would Failin's opposition stoop so low, to self-debasement? Surely they'd see the backlash of disgust against their miscreance, would be the opposite affect from stigma which was surely intended; and so result in sympathy for her, being victimized.

And then, to top it off, (or fall below their low blow ... whichever way it's said), there is NO incriminating or illicit or worse 'stigma,' in ANY of the selected email contents their despicable tactic obtained from the hacking.

Poor Sarah, we all can sympathize, having her personal official public conduct invaded and exposed, victimized; and especially it is proved a vile nefarious fishing expedition when the net purloined results show her sweet character and worthy decency in every email she wrote ... that they got hold of. and released, all over the internet. I wonder why the authorities haven't traced those perps yet.

Sorry, I didn't mean to denigrate cheerleading. Those whose role it is to stir up fan excitement know when the game's over the uniform comes off. Let me then distinguish the cheerleader for the right, she's the one who never takes the uniform off. Please don't state the obvious, I think she wears the uniform for that as well. Pom poms too.

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