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Monday, September 8, 2008

Sam the Tram endorses Amanda

All the more reason to vote for Charles Lewis.

It would be interesting if someone could get old Amanda and the Chuckster on the record, specifically, about the emerging Merritt Paulson stadium boondoggle.

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Wait, Scam Adams is looking to load up the city council with bobbleheads to rubber-stamp all the trams and streetcars? Who woulda thunk it?

His endorsement is enough to decide my vote - in the other direction.

Also note that it's impossible to have a local political story without the prerequisite "sustainable" quote from the candidate. I think I'm gonna make some "Portland Political Bingo" cards that have words like "Sustainable", "Livable", "Green", "Walkable", "Progressive" and "Eco" on them.

That seals it ... sorry Amanda, but any friend of Sam is an enemy of mine.

You couldn't be more on the money. I would love to hear or read what Charles Lewis has to say about MP staduim.

If Lewis is against the boondoggle, he's got my vote. Sam's endorsement is definitely a drawback (to me), but he did win the mayoral race in the primary.

Jack- I recall that you used to support Amanda, once upon a time. What changed your mind? Just curious...

I don't see anything in Lewis' positions or background which make me believe he would fight against the current cityhall playbook of taxing, borrowing and spending big on non basic services or big public mega projects. I am disappointed Amanda would accept Adams' endorsement. This is another case where voters should have the opportunity to vote for none-of-the-above, and if none-of-the-above should win, neither candidate would be allowed to be seated or eligible to run in the subsequent election.

This stadium boondoggle seems to be expanding. Originally I saw a figure in the Tribune saying the estimated (liar)cost was $35 million, which was mostly to relocate the PDX Bevos to a new Lents field. Now, today, I read in the Tribune there is a cost estimate of $75 million to re-renovate PGE park for major league soccer. Does this mean the starting point is $110 million? I have a feeling what's going to happen is the PDX Bevos are toast as a triple A team. The city won't come through on the new Lents stadium (triple A quality park) but will re-renovate PGE park for major league soccer. Multnomah Athletic Club folks probably like, too.

The city has been promising for almost a decade now to relocate Lents little league to Walker stadium, promising to spend $1 million to make it happen. But its been all talk at this point for years. Cityhall politicians want to cinch up the Latino vote by winning major league soccer, but could care less about the Bevos.


As requested, I’m happy to go on the record concerning the proposed renovation of PGE Park. Specifically, I am very concerned about tackling another renovation when the city still owes $28 million on previous renovations. While I believe we should look for opportunities to invest in our community, especially as the economy sags, we need to weigh the benefits of projects like this with the tremendous cost of taking on more debt. I’m willing to meet with Merritt Paulson to discuss my concerns about the project and to see if we can come up with a creative, fiscally responsible solution.

As I have done running my own nonprofit and small business, I will bring a sense of fiscal responsibility to City Hall. I have a track record of creating jobs, balancing the books and providing important services while keeping a close eye on the bottom line. In these tough economic times, that proven experience is even more important than ever.

Take care,

Charles Lewis

The Roseway neighborhood association had an international festival a month ago on the NE 72nd greenway. While attending I saw Amanda Lewis walk up in a weird outfit similar to a clown suit carrying her campaign sign. I tried to talk to her as to politely ask about positions on several issues. She didn’t want to discuss anything. Lost my vote right there. Didn’t need Adam’s endorsement to turn me off.

Oh good grief.

I haven't heard a word about ANYTHING Charles Lewis has done in months, while Amanda keeps dealing with the Council calendar each week, not to mention her volunteer activities.

We don't need "a sense of fiscal responsibility" we need REAL fiscal responsibility, which in all my dealings with Amanda suggest to me, she understands. Deeds, not just words, or empty gestures.

Whatever you think of Mayor-elect Adams --and I have to admit I like him while not agreeing without everything he's done-- do we want someone who can have an impact on Council, whose engaged with the community, and who is whip smart and not afraid to speak her mind?

I walked with Amanda through our close in SE neighborhood during the Division street fair. We walked...Charles Lewis rode in an open top Mercedes convertable a few hundred feet back. Talk about tone deaf relating to our neighborhood.

I speak for no one but myself, and my dog Homz, who walked with Amanda and I as well (except when I carried him...)

Amanda was a better candidate than Saltzman, but that's not saying much. My impression is that she will make everyone jump through all sorts of procedural hoops, but in the end continue the bankrupting of Portland in the names of private developers. She will be singing along with Trammy and the Fireman as the city continues to descend into a fiscal black hole.

We walked...Charles Lewis rode in an open top Mercedes convertable

Charles Lewis's home is in Cully and his office is on North Killingsworth. Amanda Fritz's home is in Bridlemile and her office is at OHSU. Please don't try to play the middle-class card on this one, Frank.

Let either candidate release the recent poll results that were paid for by the public.

If they do not see the irony of using public dollars for their own private gain then I don't expect them to find anything particularly odd in any scam that benefits any other private person or private entity.

I would just as soon see the only candidate in the primary race that did not accept the illegal gift from the city to run a private campaign for public office be declared the winner of Sam's open seat. Shouldn't we also ask what his position is on the stadium?

Don't count this possibility out; unless of course one the present candidates voluntarily returns the entirety of the illegal public gifts that they have received.

Mr. Lewis, are you a community investment? If I could afford the filing fee and the time to challenge your receipt of an illegal gift I would characterize such a challenge as a service to the community.

Please don't try to play the middle-class card on this one, Frank.

You play the cards you're dealt, or you fold. And this one was about walking the several mile route --why my dog Homz got tired and I carried him-- and connecting with people on the street, not waving from a convertible like some celebrity.

Whether it's pulling ivy, or following and commenting on the Council Calendar each week, Amanda continues to amaze me with her energy and committment to this City. I'm an Amanda fan, not so much a Lewis detractor...but I just don't see his engagement with this city. Amanda's been at it a long, long time.

So has Homer Williams. But this isn't a lifetime achievement award. The question for me is, who would be more likely to take a few steps toward a saner City Council? I say Lewis. How he got around during a parade isn't all that relevant.

Plus, Lewis came to the pie-off! Where was Amanda?

Reading a Policy memo?
Those are like pie right?

Lewis and his followers have actual senses of humor as well, which the Fritz camp seems to lack.

this isn't a lifetime achievement award

I agree, it's not. But it is about track record. Amanda's got one, Charles Lewis not so much.

Amanda was the driving force behind starting the City wide Parks Team, and continues her deep ties with the folks from the outer east side who've been working for parks and green space in southeast Portland.

And, no, how you get around at a parade isn't all that relevant, just symbolic, like the few media events Charles Lewis has put on, in lieu of the weekly grind of ivy pulling, graffiti removal, and attending meetings with neighbors, as she's been doing a long, long time.

I don't speak for Amanda so I can't state what her position on the "pie off" is though it sounded like a good time to me.

Don't hold back Jack. Tell us what you really think.

Amanda would be fine. Sam's endorsement can't wash away her years of angst.

But I don't expect Amanda to explain herself here. She's probably afraid she'll reveal more clues about the person who ratted out Lewis to the IRS.

It would be cool if she has some dirt on Sam, too. You hear a lot of rumors at all those meetings.

You need to think more like a politician and less like a blogger, Jack.

You presume that Sam's endorsement means that Amanda is in his pocket.

Consider the alternative. Sam may know that Amanda is likely to win and is trying to associate himself with the winner.

Follow the decision tree one more step--perhaps Sam believes Amanda would actually be a force to be reckoned with on the Council and is trying to rack up some chits. Only Amanda knows whether she thinks those chits are worth anything.

And to those above who seriously suggest that Amanda should have refused the endorsement of the incoming Mayor, that would be foolish. She may have lost your votes, but Sam stomped his opponent. There is no good reason to turn down an endorsement like this. It is an easy winner.

Amanda Fritz's home is in Bridlemile and her office is at OHSU.

Amanda lives in West Portland Park (where, I would point out, there was no park until she worked to get one there). West Portland Park is home to the only Title 1 school on the west side, where the median income is below that of the City as a whole.

Amanda had no office at OHSU, she was a regular staff nurse in the basement of the old County hospital in psychiatry. She's currently on leave.

As for her campaign office, its on NE 35th and Broadway where she rents space in a cabinet maker's small business.

Please don't try to play the middle class card on this one, Jack. :-)

And what do you mean we've no sense of humor? My wife thinks I'm the funniest guy she knows. Of course I'm the ONLY guy she knows since I keep her locked up in the basement.

OK, so I'm working on that humor thing...

Jack, I think that Amanda has tried to show a little humor, like attending the Candidates Gone Wild. But for me the event has little humor but a lot of embarrassment. City Council has a lot of humor, now we need some reality.

I hope Amanda comes out with a position on the Paulson Boondoggle, and several other proposals to soak the taxpayers to the benefit of just a few. And please no qualifiers, fence-sitting positions.

Amanda has been engaged in city policy matters for years. I believe that she will be the council's fiscal watchdog. That is why she has my support.

How about Charles Lewis spends a couple more years in volunteer mode, like Amanda has, and then we get him on the council. Could be the best of both worlds.

Woof woof!

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