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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mmmmm... "Roundup Ready" alfalfa

It's not quite ready yet.

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Hopefully never ready... The theory of herbicide resistance is fine, it raises crop productivity (and sales of herbicides), but the real-world result is that the resistance crosses over to different species, like weeds.

The risk with crops that are genetically-modified to be herbicide-resistant is the mixing and recombination of genetic material between species that share a recent evolutionary history.

The pollen from transgenic alfalfa can blow into neighboring farms and wild areas and can easily outcross to any nearby alfalfa plant or non-alfalfa relatives -- namely weeds. The traditional weed then becomes a stronger "superweed." This outcrossing has started to produce superweeds that are resistant to a wide range of herbicides.

The 4/26/00 edition of New Scientist magazine reported the first officially confirmed case of its kind: weeds in Canada which became resistant to three kinds of herbicides: Roundup, Liberty and Pursuit. It only took three years for a transgenic spread of super-herbicide-resistance. This was the first documented case of gene stacking in canola occurring without deliberate human intervention.

And what does it do the animals digesting this crop, and where in the food chain does it stop?
Soylent Green..a genetically next step/ Yea, go Monsanto.

Monsanto had/has test farms for 'Round-up (tm) Ready' grass seed near Madras... Predictably, the seed spread for miles, choking culverts and farms with die-hard, GMO grass.

But hey! If it means your local golf course has slightly better conditions, screw the farmers and screw the food system!

to expand on pdxmark:

What is the bacteria that lives in our poop chutes? E-coli.
What is the bacteria that can be found in cattle that turns peoples guts into pudding? A mutation of E-coli.

What bacteria do they put wheat DNA in to monkey around with? E-Coli.

What mutated form of bacteria do they remove DNA from to make a new strain of round up proof wheat? E-coli

Why are we suppose to wash our hands all the time? Specially after potty? E-coli

How do you wash off a slice of bread?

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