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Friday, September 12, 2008

Loose cannon

The October Surprise may be beyond our control.

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I read an article a couple of months ago that said Israel would attack Iran before the end of the year. Simple reason being for one Iran could possibly have enough uranium in 2009 to build a bomb. The second reason was they would not be sure to have US support in 2009 but know they have it now. I've been waiting on news of the strike ever since reading that article.

the Americans made clear to the Israelis that for now they are sticking to the diplomatic option to halt the Iranian nuclear project and that Jerusalem does not have a green light from Washington for an attack on Iran.

Well, that certainly doesnt sound like the "warhawks" the Bush Adm. are supposed to be.

From Charlie Gibson's interview with her last night, the future President Palin will give the Israelis whatever they need or want to deal with Iran. She firmly stated that the US shouldn't "second guess" Israel on the issue of defending itself from Iran. In fact, she said this at least three times.

I completely fail to see the connection with the title of this post and the link to the article. Looks like more lib paranoia to me.

Israel and the US demand Iran stop all enrichment of uranium and refuse to acknowledge that, as a signer of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, Iran has the right to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes, such as the production of electricity.

When the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) took samples of Iran's enriched uranium, it found them to be processed to an enrichment level of only about 3.6 percent, whereas a level of at least 90 percent is needed to make a nuclear bomb.

MachineShedFred also pointed out that Uranium enrichment is more suitable for electrical production than weapons, which is the why the "nuclear club" uses Plutonium239.

"Lib paranoia"?

Ever heard of the "Bush Doctrine"?

If Bush is planning a preemptive strike against Iran, say in October, he's probably concerned about the Israelis preempting his preemption.

If Iran is going to be air bombed, the U.S is going to do it and not Israel. If Israel attacks Iran, the U.S will get the blame anyways. The U.S has its hands full, and this is why Byeden probably told the Israeli's they need to accept a nuclear Iran. On top of this, Bush is not going to upset the electorate before November's election. He might do something after when Congress goes on recess altho he seems to be more inclined to start dusting off his cowboy boots for Crawford.

Well, at least the U.S. has been turning down requests. That shows more restraint than I thought this administration would have.

Biden told Israel they need to accept a nuclear Iran because Iran signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and has the right to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes, such as the production of electricity.

Israel is bent on pushing for military action against Iran unless this country of 68 million totally forfeits its right to the development of any kind of nuclear research and production facilities.

They signed the treaty, they have the right, which is why Biden told Israel to get used to it.

Dishonorable people without integrity feel free to renege on agreements or reverse their position on issues whenever it suits them to do so.

It is directly in our control of our Representative {cough, cough} Blumie in beginning impeachment procedings to thwart and stop all Executive prerogative, including pardons especially, stayed until Jan. 20. Israel is merely USofA stalking horse and goes nowhere without US aboard.

Junior Jughead is probably given in the likes of Daddy-o, as the nut does not fall far from the filbert family tree. Daddy-o -- let's call him Herbie, shan't we? yes, we certainly shan -- sent Marines invading Somalia during his limp duck revenge-pout days, being an election LooooZerrr, so that he could leave as big of a mess, and massmurder as he knew how, for his successor (Clinton) to be burdened with.

Cartography-challenged readers might be mindful that Mogadishu = Somalia = Ethiopia = Sudan = Darfur, where Marines are now, going for the black gold there, across the Red Sea in the geologic oil-bearing underlayment extending from (and guarding the left flank of) the Royal Saudi Monarchs of the World.

Trust, but verify. I have no problem with Iran developing nuclear technology for peaceful (power) purposes. But if that's all they're doing, why do they keep kicking third-party inspectors out of the country? They certainly haven't proven themselves to be trustworthy.

I applaud the Administration for sticking to diplomacy as they have done in every world "hot spot" but Iraq and Afghanistan for 8 years.

Iran is entitled to their nuclear energy programs. I'm just not sure they're entitled to their nut case President. Oh, wait . . . we have one of those, too.

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