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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's Hank Williams's birthday

So live it up.

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His grandson Hank III is keeping the family tradition alive with his style of "alt" country.



Did you know that Williams and Johnny Horton, who covered a couple Williams tunes, were married to the same woman at the time of their deaths, and played their last shows at the Skyline Club in Austin, Texas.

Williams' widow married Horton nine months after Hank's death in '53. Horton died in 1960 in a head-on collision with a drunken driver.

It's hard to believe Hank only made it to 29 years of age.

Why do you drink?

Why do you smoke?

So you don't have to turn 30!

Rumor has it that the Rhinestoners will be playing a sequence of Hank I, Hank Jr., and Hank III songs at Hornings Hideout at exactly 5:28 p.m. this Saturday, September 20, 2008.

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