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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

In the Mean Girl tradition

Somebody open a window. There's a bad odor in here.

UPDATE, 9/17, 2:35 a.m.: Get an even stronger whiff here.

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I wonder if there are any personal bankruptcies in her past, like Mayor Trainwreck?

If the PDC loans $3.5 million to somebody who has never developed/constructed a profitable mixed use project, the odds of success are worse than a coin toss.

She sounds ready made for the MultCo Commission, all she needs is a wealthy husband or a NARAL endorsement and she's in.

Let's see:
- Barely 2% of her own money on the line
- Claims she received no special treatment from PDC
- Has Sam, Randy and AFSCME in her corner
- Husband is big union ring leader
- No discernable experience in prop development
- Bad development idea

All in all, pretty typical Portland politico.

Them math whiz guys down at PDC are purty smart, uh-huh...

Portland Mayor-elect Sam Adams and City Commissioner Randy Leonard both back Shiprack.

Hahahaha...of course they do!

"Shiprack says she takes full responsibility for what she describes as an honest error. PDC officials forgave her, deeding the spaces to the buyers and allowing Shiprack to keep the money. Shiprack then asked to sell more parking spots."
Steal $40K by mistake and be forgiven. Then ask to steal more? Why hasn't the PDC reported this to the police

"Shipwreck" Shiprack.

If there are federal or state funds involved in this a few well-timed congressional/state legislative hearings hauling Adams & Co before the lights might be useful.

Then maybe Salem/D.C. can attach a few more strings on the $$ they send.

This might be one of the few times an an anti-Portland bias that I usually decry in the state legislature might come in useful.

Also where is the state bar discipline counsel on this? She is a lawyer & still regulated by the RPCs.

Anyone else see the lunacy in these two items?

1) The non-profit wants to generate a profit in order to "continue to exist" [and ostensibly do another project overdue, overbudget, and default on the loans]. Seriously... WTF? I guess my naivete about the definition of the word "non-profit" is showing here...

2) Her husband's daughter (no indication if it is her daughter as well) was eligible to buy one of the subsidized units?

Apparently "conflict of interest" isn't in this family's dictionary...

Crooked liars and thieves.

Am I the only one also wondering why her Non-Profit exists except to pay her a nice salary?
Isn't it interesting that so many of these obscure non-profits in Portland seem to pay their directors corporate level salaries?

Many of the construed arrangements between PDC and Shiprack are common in many of PDC/Developer projects. Then, even when staff notes noncompliance with their own regs and policies, they never follow up in enforcing.

Wait until WW starts to investigate some of the dealings in SoWhat. Nigel Jacquis hasn't even sighted the tip of the iceberg yet.

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