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Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm all right, Jack, keep your hands off of my stack

We blogged last week about some pretty low-looking annual salaries being paid to Oregon's governor ($93,000), and secretary of state, superintendent of public instruction, and labor commissioner ($72,000 each). Since then, we've also noticed that the state's attorney general makes only $77,200 a year, and the state treasurer is also in there at $72,000. (Also, the governor's salary is apparently $93,600, which is $600 higher than what we reported.)

Over the weekend, though, the O clued us in on some other state officials' salaries, which are way on the other end of the scale: corrections and lottery directors, $174,000 each; transportation director, $165,000; revenue director, $158,000; and fish and wildlife and environmental quality directors, $136,000 each.

Something is definitely out of whack here. And I don't even want to think about what this guy and this guy are pulling in.

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It will all be OK because that $158k will just about cover a loaf of bread the way things are going.
The Gov will be able to buy a slice.

I know NOBODY getting raises right now. I do see lots of lay offs. a Ton. This is sickening to me that these Govt robots get raises in these dire times. Remember they are all getting big fat PERS as well which is void from State taxation. A real racket here boy.

My issue is not with the Governor getting a raise (even though I am pressed to find a performance reason why), but rather the number of $100K plus salaries at some place like CoP.

If we are losing good candidates because the pay is lousy, then prove it.

As for your question about Coach Bellotti, it's been stated from several sources that he's the state's highest paid employee, somewhere in the $1.1M range of base pay, plus a percentage of the gate at Autzen.

Here's one source for you: http://www.oregonlive.com/ducksfootball/oregonian/index.ssf?/base/sports/121151311228910.xml&coll=7

And kids can't get as many loans and scholarships for real schooling.
Why doesn't every one just admit that so called college football and basketball teams are just training camps for the pro teams and let the pro teams pay for the coaching. Why should the taxpayers (for public schools) get stuck with that bill?
It may not matter much longer...
The end is near!

But Jack, OHSU would argue that they are a private enterprise, making their administrators private sector employees.

Until such time, of course, that it's not convenient to wear that robe.

Didnt the Gov. just get some big raises for a few people in the state gubmint?

And Riley at OSU is pulling in close to $1 million as well.

I think a large portion of football coaches salaries come from endorsements, and tv/radio shows. I would be shocked if taxpayers paid much of that salary at all.

You should check out what they're paying some of the public servants who do things like try to make golf courses into runways or agencies that end in __DC o...it might be an eye opener.

If you're ever in Eugene, you can find out how much Bellotti makes by going to the library at the UO. All state employee salaries are public.

I'm all for noting the obnoxiously high salaries of football coaches. But why not go the next step? Why not ask why we even have such a thing as college athletics in the first place? College sports teams as we know them in the US are nonexistent in the rest of the world, where a university is (can you believe it?) a place intended for education.

And puhleeze, none of that silly nonsense in reply about how college sports engage alumni and benefit the entire educational establishment. That's about as convincing as the idea that hedge funds managers are really, really concerned about the well being of society.

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