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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hothead McCain: Fire the SEC chief

Forget about 3 a.m. -- I don't even want him answering the phone at 3 in the afternoon.

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At 3 in the afternoon John McCain is taking his afternoon nap...and if he is like most 72 year olds, he probably can't hear the phone anyway, without his hearing aid on.

John McCain has said many times that he’s for deregulation of Wall Street, but now suddenly he’s a regulation guy. Regulation? Listen, at his age, this guy’s not even regular.

Bojack.org readers might find it enlighting to read George Will's perspective on McCain's hotheadedness:


___ora et labora___



“John McCain's campaign manager and Freddie Mac had what amounts to a secret half a million dollar lay-a-way plan. For almost three years and as late as last month, Freddie Mac made secret, monthly payments of $15,000 to Rick Davis’s firm for a no-show job, apparently in exchange for providing special access to a future McCain White House,” - David Donnelly, director of Campaign Money Watch.

portlandnative got the joke in first, but I would say that McCain is going to be mighty cranky when he's awakened from that nap.

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