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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Healthy skeptics

If, like I, you find it extremely difficult to believe that Sarah Palin is the biological mother of Trig Palin, you will be encouraged to know that a childbirth coach and her husband who also don't buy that story have set up a nice website documenting the many, many unanswered questions. God help the poor people with the hate mail they will be getting, but my hat is off to them. Their site is here. They continue to work on it daily.

I don't have whole lot to add to the story at this point, and I most assuredly am not interested in any more of our right-wing brethren's insights or opinions about it. But it's nice to see that someone continues to seek out the truth.

One of the more interesting developments is the apparent disappearance of Palin's doctor, Cathy Baldwin-Johnson. She's no longer listed on the staff of the hospital at which Palin says she gave birth to the child, and where she once was on staff. And of course, like Palin, Baldwin-Johnson is not available to the media for any questions at all.

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