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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Guess who's throwing money at the PCC bond issue

Now, who would want the area's beleaguered taxpayers to come up with $374 million, plus interest at heaven-knows-what rate in this day and age, to build lots and lots of groovy new buildings for Portland Community College?

Hold on to your seat...

Wait for it...

Here it comes...

I know, you can't stand it...

a $20,000 contribution from Howard S. Wright Construction and $10,000 contributions from Hoffman Corp., Walsh Construction and Skanska USA Building.
What a surprise!

Sure, I have an extra hundred or two lying around for this every year for the next 20 years. Don't you?

Comments (6)

Hoffman Construction would be one-quarter its current size if it didn't have such cozy relationships with all our state and local governments. In fact, I'm quite sure Hoffman tells the leaders of many governments what construction projects they are going to do, and when.

Hoffman has a lot of chutzpah - and power.

The Zoo also wants another $100 a year for its elephant show. I haven't been to the the zoo since the 1960s when I was forced to go with other gradeschoolers. Why don't the folks who actually go to the zoo fully pay for an expansion of the zoo grounds. I'd rather the animals be set free in a wildlife refuge or something. Then there's cityhall's Children's Investment Fund which cityhall could easily fund out of its existing largess but instead is got its hand out for more soaking of the taxpayer.

Portland property owners just saw their property taxes climb over 10 percent last year. How about moriatorium on new property tax requests?

I haven't stopped for a red light since the 1970s when I was forced to in drivers' ed class. Why don't the folks who actually stop at red lights fully pay for traffic signals?

This however may trnasform Killingsworth and Albina from its current rats nest of crime.
PCC owns all that surrounding land (undeveloped) and any business would be an idiot to take a lease out in the meantime as PCC waits for funding like this.
So the buildings sit vacant unlike nearby booming hoods.
Maybe that's the upside.
Of course I don't want to pay for it either.

D, and just where do we think this crime will go once they "fix" Albina and Killingsworth? Shouldn't the people who actually live there decide what gets done with their neighborhood?

BTW, across the street from PCC is a brand new McMenamins built from an old church. Not too mention the rest of the newly built or opened businesses in the area, plus the vaunted Max. I'd say they are in great shape and do not need to wait for PCC to make any decisions. At this point in time, the economy and namely the lack of customers for many businesses are hurting new start ups.

I think the McMenamins you're talking about (across from the North Portland Library?) was built in an old mortuary (Little Chapel of the Chimes):

Neat building but the idea of having a cold one where so many other "cold ones" lay in state is almost as strange as the idea of designing shoes in a former hospital (Adidas/Bess Kaiser Hospital).

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