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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Guess who's coming to the SoWhat District

These guys should be moving in there any day now.

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The logical outcome of humans' rural homesteading habits, I guess.

Should keep the stray domestic housecat population controlled!

A wild life sanctuary! How cool is that?
Bears too? Falcons for sure! and maybe sea lions out in the river.

Don't forget nutria. I recall all the editorializing about how the SoWhat residents would be a vast improvement over the nutria who had been living in the area. Yupwardly mobile people aren't too interesting; how many of them have orange teeth like nutria? (I learned that watching a Bizarre Foods episode about good eats on the Louisiana Bayou.

John: sometimes Bobcats mate with their domesticated counterparts.

sometimes Bobcats mate with their domesticated counterparts

We once had a member of our household that sounded a lot like such a cross-breed. Her name was Tajma, but I nicknamed her "Tajma bin Laden" because of her wild tendencies. She was the only cat in our neighborhood that didn't disappear from staying out multiple times overnight (we have coyotes about). And she once took on two male tomcats that combined were eight times her weight - one of them needed a vet to patch him back together. There wasn't a mark on her. You get the picture.

Sounds like Tamja would easily keep away any pitbulls wearing lipstick.

What became of Tamja?

She survived coyotes and all the encounters with other cats, but she didn't survive curiosity. An appliance serviceman working at our house left his van door open, and when he left, she left with him - unknown to everyone. Next morning, she escaped into his neighborhood, and we couldn't find her.

But we still have hope: Another true story is that she mysteriously disappeared from us for two years without a trace. The Humane Society called us two years later (we had left them a flyer) and said that they thought they had her. Turns out it was her, and a family had dropped her off without leaving their name, saying "we can't take any more of this cat". Sort of like The Ransom of Red Chief, I again expect she'll be back.

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