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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

E-mailing your congressperson?

Maybe tomorrow.

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We suggest that you contact your representatives when your opinion no longer matters.

This is outrageous. But people are going to roll over and take it because its only "e-mail."

Secretly though, I fear that there would be same reaction to a public statement that "due to the high volume of paper mail, we're going to let bags of mail sit around and prevent your representative from reading it."

Good luck voicing your opinion; is this the death knell for democracy?

The day before the telephone switchboard crashed.

People, there's not much you can do about it. It's not an assault on your freedom of expression. There's simply only so much the servers can handle.

And servers are not scalable? Especially when you plan for it(24-72 hour notice

I understand its a structural issue. It just seems odd that Congress is unprepared to receive input from constituents. They probably also don't have the staff to route and open the volume of mail they are hopefully receiving, but they don't say "We're got a lot of mail, so don't bother mailing us your opinion."

Does this justify Palin having a private Yahoo account on which she conducted official state business? Because Yahoo seems able to handle a lot of e-mail ...

And servers are not scalable? Especially when you plan for it(24-72 hour notice

Doubtful. This is the US government. It would take them a month just to complete the paperwork to request an additional server.

Funny story. I went on the House website yesterday to see how Baird had voted. The site was down, so I found the number for his office here in The Couv and gave them a call about 90-minutes after the vote. I asked how he'd voted, they told me they didn't know. They were still waiting for official confirmation from Washington themselves. Wow.


A few hours later I was finally able to access the website and find out what had happened. I'm very disappointed. Disappointed enough to vote for the Republican? Probably not, but I'll certainly be working hard to find an alternative next time around. This guy has got to go.

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