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Monday, September 29, 2008

Don't underestimate Palin in the debate

She's working hard to get ready.

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I'm just trying to figure out if this is the biggest rope-a-dope ever performed, or if they are trying to make Joe Biden look like a complete ass by burying her in national prime time...


Palin might win due to lowered expectations. Right now no one expects her to utter two grammatically correct sentences in a row.

Your readers don't like it when I discuss my own jokes from national TV - even though I have to read how they did shorting the money markets - so let me salute a conservative columnist named Kathleen Parker for dropping THE best line I've heard about Sarah Palin and her clueless interview style: "If BS were currency, Palin could bail out Wall Street herself."

Isn't that righteous? Kathleen recommends that Sarah drop out of the race.

It's all messed up....Really, can she be worse then the self serving dolts who are in charge now, who are "solving" the bank crisis as we wash dinner dishes, worry about our jobs, balance our checkbooks, pay the mortgage, monitor our 401Ks and 403Bs, and plan lunches for tomorrow while they grease their own palms and benefit politically grandstanding and puffing their feathers?? She may not be polished, she may not be a slick speaker, but SERIOUSLY, is she really worse than anyone in Congress minus a few pure souls?

She's not my favorite, she's not a super star, but I have lost faith in the morons currently in charge. They are just polished slickster politicians and she is not. It's all just a big joke on us.

Jaded, cynical and cryin' in my pinot noir over the fate of us all....

Livin, you said it well for me. I too can't put together two grammatically correct sentences nor spell them right. And I can't understand a word that Tensky writes. But I can understand what Washington is doing to us.

There's fresh innocence and there's fresh ignorance.

If we learned anything from the Bush years it's that brains do count. Being informed does count. Being curious about the world is important.
I remember like it was yesterday when they would say, "Don't worry if Bush is dumb - he can surround himself with smart people." Only he had to choose them.

I tried my best to give Sarah Palin an honest chance, but her lack of knowledge and the way she flubs answers....well, I had enough of that with W.

The ashamed Republicans are changing the name of the party to GOP, so Palin can spell it.

I can't understand a word that Tensky writes. Start with a Dick and Jane Reader, learn those words, and work your way from there building a vocabulary.

I would rather wait for the full debate than make a judgement based on a few staged interviews with reporters. And Ilee, you should never feel intellectually or grammatically inferior to Tensk. I can't grasp what he has to say either most of the time, and I can speak several different languages. It's just that Klingon is not one of them.

The anti-Palin movement has re-created Palin in the image they want her to be.

In reality she is no more "ignorant" than most elected officials in DC and blog posters who attack her.
Of course the Bush haters have easily extended and rsamped up their critiqing to her. They want their guy elected.

But this super dramtic song and dance about her supposed shortcomings is pure politics.
Sure the SNL bits have been funny, but much of the left now believes or wants the spoof to be reality.

That said, tensky suggesting he or she is simply a vocabulary genius is even more funnier. Did I say that right?

"In reality she is no more "ignorant" than most .... Did I say that right?"

Actually, a moron and a normal person look the same ... to a moron.

Palin is so friggin' ignorant that everyone is mocking her and demeaning her ... except those who dwell in the goofworld bubble with her. Don't worry, you still get to vote your ballot. Only don't expect it to add up to much ... both of you in the bubble.

"Palin is so friggin' ignorant that everyone is mocking her and demeaning her"

Everyone? Nice judgement.
Boy, talk about in a bubble.

Regardless of your self image, your perception of Palin (and conservsatives) is what you and yours created.
Just as it is with Obama.

So Bubble this.

And you probably shoudn't be speaking for "everyone".
Especially when you can't even speak for your own former Dem VP candidate who now supports the GOP ticket. But I suppose he must be one of your morons too?

One thing is certain. I look forward to your special kind of wisdom if McPalin should win.

"Sure the SNL bits have been funny, but much of the left now believes or wants the spoof to be reality."

Actually much of last week's opening SNL sketch was taken verbatim from what Palin said in the Katie Couric interview. She's pure comedy gold!

"Republicans understand the importance of bondage between a mother and child." Dan Quale
Forget dumping Palin, lets write in Quale as pres. provided he appoints Yogi Berra as press secretary. Then at least we can chuckle our way to oblivion.

I don't know what you Palin critics are afraid her supposed ignorance could lead to.
The elected braintrusts in DC right now are proving to be missing more than few skills.

Of course you're more afraid of her conservatism should she be elected VP and possibly POTUS.

The idea of a conservative president appointing new SCOTUS justices has you scrambling to taint Palin and McCain in every imaginable way.
Well big surprise.
And just think how stupid they both are like every other conservative?

Soon, on November 4th we'll know if Obama won or if McCain stole the election.

Right, Ben, the best and the brightest and most experienced we have in public service are struggling now to keep the ship afloat, so why not go with someone really stupid and ignorant? What could possibly go wrong?

"the best and the brightest and most experienced we have in public service are struggling now to keep the ship afloat"

Pelosi and company? That experience is pretty impressive.

Joe Biden is so much more sophisticated and polished. Like when he told a guy in a wheelchair to stand up...or when he talked about Obama not taking his guns or he'd shoot him...or maybe when he flip-flopped on the AIG bailout...yeah, Palin is quite a comedy compared to that smooth-talking political machine.

You guys make Palin into something that she's not just to try and demean her. Maybe try debating the issues, not personality. How about the fact that your candidate for PRESIDENT (not VP) has zero executive experience and would be a disaster for this country? No, let's talk about Palin.

You guys make Palin into something that she's not just to try and demean her.

I don't think that's happening. When she says she can watch Putin rear his head out her kitchen window, or when she dissolves into incoherence responding to a straightforward interview question, we can all see exactly what she is: in way over her head.

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