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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Consumer quiz

What's been easier to buy in Portland over the last few weeks?

A. Heroin.

B. 64-ounce jug of Odwalla Super Protein drink, original flavor.

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"I'll be honest and say that I drank just a few mouthfuls before I tossed this. To put it simply - this is just gross. There is an overwhelming green, grassy taste and aroma.
Supply and demand.

The only flavor they're selling in the 64-ounce size lately is the "Vanilla Al'mondo," which is, indeed, gross. But the original and chocolate, neither of which is all that bad, are available only in the smaller size.

BTW, if you want a green taste that takes some getting used to, try their "Superfood."

Superfood is yummy. Maybe you're think of the simply greens knockoffs at TJ's and new seasons.

It's people goddammit. Soylent green is people

But not spray paint.

If I may suggest... drop the Odwalla (owned by Coca Cola) and pick up similar options from Columbia Gorge Organics from Hood River. They're fresher, organic, less pasturized, and they just taste better. And you support local farmers and a great local company.

We carry them at New Seasons, and I've seen them around town at other stores.

At $3+ for a small, I won't be buying too many. Bigger and cheaper-per-ounce is better.

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