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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Can the Beavers hold on?

They are leading No. 1 USC, 21-7, late in the third quarter.

UPDATE, 9:27 p.m.: They did it!

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Dang...wish I'd put $100 or so on that game!


Beavers shred the Trojans.

I love it when unrated teams bring down the top-rated ones.


Geez if Congress had only put the $700 billion on the game...

Any day the University of Spoiled Children loses a game is a good day!* So much the better when it is to an unranked team!

*Unless they are the Pac-10's last chance at winning a championship.

Got home in time to see the last OSU touchdown of the second quarter and the rest of the game. Real edge of the seat excitement! We already have tickets for the Civil War Game - maybe I'll have to see the Beavers play a few more at home.


They took Southern Cal.

"Charlie, They took Southern Cal."

If USC had won, that $700B bet woulda brought home a nice $700,000,000,000.01. Pretty long odds those Beavers beat ...

From someone who was sitting in Section 11 to the rest of you, I can tell you that USC looked downright confused after the first quarter.

I think they bought into their own hype and couldn't believe that they were getting destroyed by a 5' 7" true freshman tailback.

This was no gimmick plan that OSU used, this was straight up the middle in-your-face football, and they *owned* SC. It was beautiful.

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