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Friday, September 12, 2008

52 years young

In case you missed it (as I almost did), here's a miraculous story out of Bend.

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Thank god, finally some uplifiting news! Being 52, I do take a lot of comfort in that since I haven't had that many adversities in life.

Great story.

I just wish the sportswriter knew something about the sports he was covering. Alan Schwarz should have maybe LOOKED at the pursuit bike that Buchan used. Pursuit is done on track bikes, which do not have gears. Buchan couldn't have trouble shifting ("impede her shifting gears") because the bike has no gears.

Her story is pure inspiration -- too bad Schwarz couldn't pay attention or learn something before building up his vision of what happened.

Uh - I think it is a human, not bicycle, interest story. The message is still inspiring.

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