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Thursday, August 21, 2008

We have a winnah

Looks like the City of Portland has figured out who it's going to buy those indestructible police car laptops from. It's an outfit called Feeney Wireless, which has an installation in Eugene. They're going to rake in a $750,268 "annual amount," but it's not exactly clear what for. The city talked about needing to replace around 325 computers, but it's not clear how many years and how many $750,268's that's going to take. In any event, it should make for some excellent World of Warcraft play!

Comments (2)

That's a pretty good price for 325* Toughbooks. I make that to be a bit over $2130 per unit, which is about half** the retail price for a similar unit.

[*: Assuming they're getting that many.]
[**: Linked model does not come with 5-year warranty nor gps.]

Yes, but it's an "annual amount." No telling how many years.

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