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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Sometimes saying "we're sorry" just isn't enough.

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Sounds like the ferry was stationery for too long.

Sounds like the writer was in a hurry on a Friday afternoon and had a wicked spell checker, like I had with my old Mac computer.

At least they could have offered a complimentary box of Depends.

That's the ferry the sails on Pungent Sound, right?

I bet the passengers were pissed.

I wonder who leaked out the story?

I wonder who leaked out the story?

Some dedicated pubic servant, no doubt.

Seems like Yellow Journalism to me.

The local Safeway has a sign above one of their aisles that reads "incontinence".

Who would want to buy that?

Should have read.."if you were expecting us to be on time urine for a big surprise".

I thought taking a ferry was supposed to be an exlaxing experience

That was really funny! I laughed until I peed myself!

Years ago I worked for a printing company in town that produced announcements, cards, invitations and miniature diplomas for graduating students in the various Oregon and Washington high schools.

One Washington State high school, which shall remain anonymous, mailed in copy for an announcement, proudly claiming to have "sown the seeds of immorality" within their outgoing senior class.

Fortunately, we caught that one.

Hey Pete,

I hate to rewrite your material, but:

You said, "Take the ferry and relax?"

I thought you said, "Take the ferry and Exlax."

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