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Friday, August 8, 2008

Time for something different

Blogging may be light for next couple of months. I've got an important political project that I'm involved in. [Via Worldwide Pablo.]

Comments (15)

That's great! A "just-in-time" candidacy!

You’ve got my vote if you put Tenskwatawa on the ticket as VP.

I wanna be press secretary...


The granny with the low back piece tat is kind of disturbing. Jack for Prez...why not?

granny with the low back piece tat is kind of disturbing

Get used to it. There are tens of thousands of these in development.

Is it unseemly to ask for a pardon before you take office.

May I suggest naming Sean Combs as your running mate.

I think hip-hop nation is ready for a Yo Bo and a VP Diddy.

Surely, Jack, you realize that, this day, your win marks the loss and demise of LIARS the Loser. You out-faked him.

Out to coastal Tillamook, that is, where a detesting rogue wave of civilized distaste carried him bodily washed away, lost at sea, leaving only soiled shorts on the sand. Laurel wreaths of Victory Nike, now tossed from the jetty, buoyant the spot where he submerged under Neptune delusion.

Anyway, that's my prediction. Stay attuned.

Ground control to Tensk, is this finally the end of your Liars fixation, say it aint so? Or do we burn the soiled drawers on a pyre?

Way better than a Rick Roll.

Can we quote you: "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."?

It ain't so.

On CNN, radio talk show host Lars Larson suggested Sen. Clinton is like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, Media Matters .ORG, Fri, Aug 8, 2008. [video at the link ... Chubcheek Slashtongue looks awful ... uh, er, a face for radio.]

On the August 7 edition of CNN Election Center, ... Dana Milbank said Sen. Hillary Clinton "must really look like some sort of a poltergeist" to Sen. Barack Obama, adding, "Each time he thinks he has finally finished off Hillary Clinton, she keeps coming back." Radio host Lars Larson later said, "I have got to tell you, he's thinking of the movie Poltergeist? I'm thinking of Fatal Attraction. And I'm waiting to find out when the bunny turns up in the stew pot."

(I don't get where commenting on an out-of-the-race Clinton is material for CNN Election Center analysis. ... just can't stop the hating, I suppose.)

As Media Matters for America has noted, Monica Crowley, ... Ken Rudin, and ... Andrew Sullivan have also compared Clinton to Close's character in Fatal Attraction.

At last he's left his bunkerworld, (as in 'Archie Bunker'), for that Big Echo Chamber in the sky-high Pay TV froth.

Come on tensk, try and be alittle less lopsided. Have you no awareness of the left's hate and comments?

Clinton is still in the lime light and
power structure so why do you
not "get where commenting on an out-of-the-race Clinton is material for CNN Election Center analysis" ?

,,, and so easily "suppose it is hating"?

Could your barometer for supposing hate be any more biased?

I listen to the left and get an earfull of hate that takes no supposing at all.

You seem to find what you want to find everywhere you go.

... so don't go there. Expand your horizons, y'know. Get clues. Connect them. Draw the conclusion: rightwing wackos means hate.

The hate of the left, is hating to see rightwingers waste their lives.

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